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Wot is all this talk about sandbags

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on February 28, 2007

Man am I ever psyched. It’s the year of the sandbag, did you know that?

As I read the blogs around I see the word sandbag a lot. There are gonna be blogs everywhere talking about this. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and reference them as they happen.

Personally I am ready for sandbag season and have been for a month, just ask my wife. I went out and bought two large duffles and am looking forward to filling them. So, if you live in the northern hemisphere it’s time to start preparing. Get out your sandbags and check for holes, check your kegs for rust and by all means, paint your kettlebells! 🙂

EDIT: and here is the post that inspired my overly joyful reaction today.

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  1. Scott said,

    It isn’t just in the northern hemisphere that the time is right – things are cooling down here (though it never gets particularly cold, even mid-winter) so there should be more outdoor training sessions all round. Just waiting for the rain to stop 🙂

  2. Mike said,

    all I can say is, AWESOME.

    I’m chomping at the bit. I think it will be April before I’m able to get into it but I have been talking and thinking about it since January. Sophmore Sandbags Training, here I come.

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