Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on February 27, 2007

Popped over to the Uni for some kettlebell action. They have a very full collection. I decided it would be a great chance to get some doubles action on.
snatch single are, 10 reps each

Double Snatch, 10 reps each

Double C&J, 5 reps

Alternating snatches, 10 reps each

Alternating C&J, 5 reps
By alternating, I mean that I had two bells and would snatch. The bell would come down and then I would bring the other up

Bag work 3 minutes in one minute sets with one minute rest.

I worked in some windmils and tried some two hands anyhow. I also did a little work with the 40K kettlebell but I can’t recall off the top of my head what, probably just C &J a few times. I also took my camera allong and played with that a bit. I actually used it’s little video feature but I have never dealt in videos befor so give me a couple days to figure out how I want to post them.

Snatch24K CandJ24K

There isn’t a whole lot in the videos below. I’m mostly just playing wity youTube but I figure I may as well share them since their out there.

Double 12K Snatches
Double 24K Snatches
Double 32K Clean and Press
Alternating 12K Snatches
Alternating 24K clean

Congrats to Scott Styles

Posted in Grip by Mike on February 27, 2007

Scott Styles and his many year labour of love have been discovered. Ross Enamait featured Scott’s site in his blog as a great resource on hand health. Ross is very popular and his fame if growing so this is a great thing for Gripfaq and hand strength.

So congratulations Scott.