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Bodyweight w00t!

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on February 26, 2007

I added a new category for this since I have been talking about it a lot more lately.

This morning I tipped the scale at 255.0 which is awesome. I’m on my way, now it’s just the grind.

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  1. Stew said,

    Well done Mike,

    Keep it up. I’ve been cutting as well. I hope we both reach our goals.


  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Stew, it looks like your goals are considerably more intense than mine, dig in and go for it!
    btw, you haven’t posted in four days. Not slacking are you?

  3. Kettlebell painting contest…

    Anvil or Hammer and the Art of Strength are holding a joint kettlebell painting contest. This is perfectly timed, as the only thing holding me back from adding a bit of colour to my own bell is the current weather……

  4. Stew said,

    Haha Mike,

    I thought I was the only one who noticed I hadn’t posted in a few days. I was going to write a post about my performance in hockey on the weekend (which was stellar,) but I forgot all about it!

    I’m not slacking!

  5. Mike said,

    You’re in my feeds Stew, I know…..
    great chicken wing post thought.

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