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Clean it up

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 26, 2007

Hit the gym today, took some kettlebells to show around, still black….

jumprope to warm up.

Started to work the clean. I decided it was finally time to pull from the floor.
60K X 5
70K X 5
80K X 5
90k X 5
100k X 5misses
80K X 5
85K X 5
90K X 5
95K X 5
100K X 5 misses
90K X 5
95K X 5
100K X 5 misses
95K X 3, 2 misses

Clean to front squat 90K
1 clean, 5 f. squat X 3
1 clean, 1 f. squat X many

Yes, that is a lot of cleans and yes I did bomb out on 100K many times and yes, I have been stuck at 100K for nearly a year. it’s there, I know it is. The good news is that the guy who first taught me the clean (Tim Guarino, masters record for total and C & J at 85k) was there and got me squared away, he’s the one that got me to doing the front squats. My his very experienced opinion my issue is that I’m not catching the bar right. I still try to catch it ready for a press. I’m not letting my elbows come forward and letting the bar rest on my collar.  He suggested that I do some front squats with each clean to force my hands and arms to get into position and get comfortable there. So that is what I will be doing for a while.

Pullups 10 X 1
Working th pullup in hopes of getting at least a couple for this weekend. I’m still training for next year though.

I’m taking it easy this week. I may even take Wednesday off, I need to recover. I’m thinking about changing gears big time after this weekend. I’m seriously considering investing in one of the AoS videos. I’m not just trying to kiss up becuase they are sponsoring the contest. I actually like the look of their vids. I may go ahead and order one and do that once a week for a while.

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Bodyweight w00t!

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on February 26, 2007

I added a new category for this since I have been talking about it a lot more lately.

This morning I tipped the scale at 255.0 which is awesome. I’m on my way, now it’s just the grind.