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The first ever AoH/AoS Contest Announcement!!

Posted in Other,Toys and tools by Mike on February 25, 2007

I’m really excited about this. I have been talking with Jeff Waters from The Art of Strength website (AoS). AoS is willing to cohost a contest with (AoH).

AoH hosted a kettlebell painting contest toward the end of last year but it was canceled due to lack of interest and thus the prize was never given away. They were happy to reconstitute the contest with a promise from me of a minimum of four entrants. I’m one so I need at least three more people to join in the fun. so without further ado….

AoH/AoS kettlebell painting contest:
Timeframe: This contest begins Monday, February 25 2007 and runs through Sunday, March 25 2007.

Event: Paint a kettlebell

Prize: One AoS DVD and fame and recognition.

How to enter: Paint a kettlebell and email a picture to and with a subject line of “kettlebell painting contest”. I’ll post your picture a gallery and AoS will judge for the best paint job.

Judging: All entries must be submited to AoH and AoS, judgment is performed by AoS at their discretion all judgements are final.

So spread the word far and wide, this is for free stuff. If four people don’t enter the contest is back to being canceled and all your bells are still black and bland, just like everyone elses (i.e. they suck).

In the words of John Belushi “Who’s with me, aaaahhhhhhh..”

Helpful links:
The original contest announcement
How to paint a kettlebell
How to paint a kettlebell II
The AoS DVD library (one of these is the prize)
AoS homepage
AoH homepage

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  1. Kris said,

    Hmmm… wonder if anyone would notice if I were to borrow one of the KBs out of my gym…? Sad to say, I am not (yet?) a kettlebell man, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing this. Have you considered posting invitations on some of the myriad of kettlebell blogs out there? One would think it shouldn’t be hard to get the contestants if the word gets around a bit.

  2. Mike said,


    not a kettlebell man, tisk tisk. What are you waiting for, buy on today!!:) Just kidding, I’ll be looking for you next year though…does this mean I can steal your “this end up” idea?
    As for kettlebell blogs, you are way ahead of me, that is phase four of my overly complex plan. I’m hoping to make my rounds tonight and tomorrow but I wouldn’t be at all upset if I arrived to find that I had been beaten to the punch. barring that, do me a favor and drift any URLs my way that you can. I know a few and I know how to use google but some will be overlooked unintentionally.

  3. Kris said,

    Waiting for money… Being a full-time stay-at-home dad is the best thing, but not very lucrative. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, the “this side up” idea is yours to keep. If you end up doing it, I’d be very pleased. An idea materialized or something.

    Write Scott Bird an e-mail about the kettlebell blogs or search his blog. I’m not a reader of any of them myself, but it never fails to astonish me how many KB blogs he manages to find. They keep arriving in a steady stream it seems. On the other hand, I bet Scott will be reading this in a matter of hours (if not minutes), he is very well informed. In fact, I have given up on surfing just picking up the gold nuggets off Straight to the Bar. Well not quite, but it’s not far off when combined with Powerliftingwatch. Scott, thanks for your efforts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Off to configure mein server.

  4. Mike said,

    Scott’s about the only person who I didn’t email directly. I know he knows, the force is strong in that one.

    Have you considered naming the server Mein Kampf? Stupid racist jerk who wrote it but it seems to portray your troubles with the server.

    Scott is well informed and works hard at it, we all mooch a bit from him.

  5. Scott said,

    Cheers guys. I decided to take a few hours off (playing with a new router) this afternoon, and almost missed the news!

    I actually went out the other day and grabbed a can of spray paint and some primer, ready to redo the kettlebell. The plan was to go for solid colours, so I can quickly tell the weight of them at a glance (when I get a few more); however it’s been raining almost non-stop ever since. I might just have to do something a little more creative.

    Mike, I haven’t got a separate list of kettlebell blogs (it’s all strength training), but you’re more than welcome to pinch the list on my site ( Let me know if you come across any more.

    Kris, thanks for the compliments. Greatly appreciated.

  6. Mike said,

    No worries Scott, we would have never let you miss it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve made one round of blogs but I’ll spin past your site and pickup any I missed. Most of the ones you have featured in the last few months are on my feed aggregator anyway which is what I used to make my list. I’m kinda waiting for the second round to see how people take the first round of invites. If they feel like I am barging in on their blog then there won’t be a round two, if they are supportive then I have about 15 other blogs I have rounded up by digging deep into google’s blog search.
    Best of luck with the weather and paint Scott. I’m gonna get some paint this week. I’ve got two bells that I definitely want to paint. One will be bright and ugly, the other, I will try to do something more constructive with. My wife says she’ll paint hers. I’m looking for more. Dan, Scott S, Doc, Berzerker…..
    btw, Scott would you do me a favor and syndicate this post for me, it would be appreciated.

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  9. Charley said,

    Hope to see some more entries. You can view mine at

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