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Russian Reds

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on February 23, 2007

Did anyone else get a post card about these? I haven’t seen them being discussed around the internet.
The Russian Red Kettlebell

I have found myself in a position where I may be purchasing some kettlebells in the future that will not be for my personal use and I think I may opt for these. For my personal bells though, lookout. I’m gonna get real crazy this summer.

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  1. Kris said,

    Good links! I especially liked the first ever kettlebell painting competition. Have you seen the results anywhere? I’d pain a “this side up” stencil on it upside down… and some skulls… and some naked panda bears.

  2. Mike said,

    I haven’t seen the results but I’ll hunt. I like the “this end up” idea. I have been researching stencils as well……we shall see……

  3. Scott said,

    I’ve seen them mentioned several times before, but I’m yet to see an actual review. A few of the kettlebells on the market seem to have slightly different handles (both diameter and curve), but these ones look pretty standard. I can’t imagine they’re much different to the ones you already own.

    Are you possibly getting a few for use at your local gym? That’d be great.

    Oh Kris, you’ve got another fan of the ‘this end up’ idea. Like it 🙂

  4. Mike said,

    I read a review on tha dragondoor site that the handles are just slightly bigger on these. I find that hard to believe. I would bet it’s the same mold with a different paint.
    The onesI may be buy wil be for the local gym. They have some old equipment that they were going to throw away, I can get good money for it. The profits will go to bells.

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