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Full body scream X 3

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 23, 2007

Two hour shift at the gym tonight. I was shooting for another smoker, like last week, even though I think I still have a “training hangover” from that.

5 minutes jumping rope
Hang Power Cleans

The real deal:
70k  X 3
120k X 3
170k X 2
220K X 2 took about 6 attempts
170k + Chains X a couple but this exercise was lame
Sucky deadlifts tonight, it just felt heavy. Rest is needed

2″ pulls from blocks
170K X 2
210K X 2
230K X  2
250K X 2
There was a long break between 250 and 270, real long. I think I spent 20 minutes teaching the kettlebell snatch to about 6 guys. Everyone wants to know but is chicken to try. Eventually I talk them into the 16K kettlebell. Then I tell them that is the girl’s weight for competition, then they try 24K kettlebell. They are all impressed by how deceptively challenging it is. I believe we are building some kettlebell fans at Dumbarton….

20 rep squat 120K
Then I took a knew, then I took to the floor and made a sweat angel. This would be the full body scream. All my nerves took this opportunity to scream at me that I was in pain. I wasn’t they just didn’t know what to do with all the excitement.

Overhead Press- I was smoked
60k X 5
70k X 5
80k x 1 then some jerks

Lat pull down machine – still training the pullup for next year
Tactical pullup grip 150lbs 5 X 5, this ended with a second full body scream on the night.

We had 15 minutes to kill and kill we did.
Medicine ball toss
side to side passes
Squat jump for distance 3 jumps per set, 5 sets
monkey drills X 5 – I’ll explain
24Kilo Kettlebell windmills
24K and 16K Kettlebell 2 Hands Anyhow
The monkey drill, it probably has another name. I learned a drill in highschool football where three guys stand in a line. Middle guy drop and rolls right. The right guy jumps over him and rolls. The left guy jumps over him and rolls, at this point there is basically a figure eight going and they just keep it going till they stop. I didn’t have three guys tonight, I had me and an old punching bag. So it was all time middle guy. I dropped to the ground, popped up, jumped over, dropped to the ground, popped up, jumped over and that was one rep. I did this five times the achieve my third full body scream of the night.

As I told my wife, I was hungry all night but it’s a good thing I trained on an empty stomach today cause it would have been empty when I left there one way or another.

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  1. brent said,

    nice description about the after-effects of the 20 rep squats – 120k!!!!!!!

    would love to try some kettlebelling myself

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Brent, it certainily is a feeling that I’m guessing a few people have not gotten to experience.
    Kettlebells are a good time. I’m not an all out kettlebeller but they are a nice tool, it would be nice if more people could just have access to them once or twice a week.

  3. Doc said,

    Yipes. You’re sure making the most of your 2+ hours. I wonder what will happen after you get recovered from it…

  4. Mike said,

    Thanks Doc, I’m trying to get all I can out of it. It seems like something different to throw at myself. Recovery has been a huge issue though. I’m gonna take it a little easier this week in hopes of shaping up by Saturday for Dan’s Comp. It’s truly amazing to me the number of different ways a person can challenge themself with this stuff.

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