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Full body scream X 3

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 23, 2007

Two hour shift at the gym tonight. I was shooting for another smoker, like last week, even though I think I still have a “training hangover” from that.

5 minutes jumping rope
Hang Power Cleans

The real deal:
70k  X 3
120k X 3
170k X 2
220K X 2 took about 6 attempts
170k + Chains X a couple but this exercise was lame
Sucky deadlifts tonight, it just felt heavy. Rest is needed

2″ pulls from blocks
170K X 2
210K X 2
230K X  2
250K X 2
There was a long break between 250 and 270, real long. I think I spent 20 minutes teaching the kettlebell snatch to about 6 guys. Everyone wants to know but is chicken to try. Eventually I talk them into the 16K kettlebell. Then I tell them that is the girl’s weight for competition, then they try 24K kettlebell. They are all impressed by how deceptively challenging it is. I believe we are building some kettlebell fans at Dumbarton….

20 rep squat 120K
Then I took a knew, then I took to the floor and made a sweat angel. This would be the full body scream. All my nerves took this opportunity to scream at me that I was in pain. I wasn’t they just didn’t know what to do with all the excitement.

Overhead Press- I was smoked
60k X 5
70k X 5
80k x 1 then some jerks

Lat pull down machine – still training the pullup for next year
Tactical pullup grip 150lbs 5 X 5, this ended with a second full body scream on the night.

We had 15 minutes to kill and kill we did.
Medicine ball toss
side to side passes
Squat jump for distance 3 jumps per set, 5 sets
monkey drills X 5 – I’ll explain
24Kilo Kettlebell windmills
24K and 16K Kettlebell 2 Hands Anyhow
The monkey drill, it probably has another name. I learned a drill in highschool football where three guys stand in a line. Middle guy drop and rolls right. The right guy jumps over him and rolls. The left guy jumps over him and rolls, at this point there is basically a figure eight going and they just keep it going till they stop. I didn’t have three guys tonight, I had me and an old punching bag. So it was all time middle guy. I dropped to the ground, popped up, jumped over, dropped to the ground, popped up, jumped over and that was one rep. I did this five times the achieve my third full body scream of the night.

As I told my wife, I was hungry all night but it’s a good thing I trained on an empty stomach today cause it would have been empty when I left there one way or another.

Anvilorhammer is on the move

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on February 23, 2007

I’m changing hosts.
What does that mean to you? Hopefully, nothing. Probabl, some down time in the next couple days.

What does that mean for me? work

What does it mean in the long run….a lot 🙂

Russian Reds

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on February 23, 2007

Did anyone else get a post card about these? I haven’t seen them being discussed around the internet.
The Russian Red Kettlebell

I have found myself in a position where I may be purchasing some kettlebells in the future that will not be for my personal use and I think I may opt for these. For my personal bells though, lookout. I’m gonna get real crazy this summer.

How do you answer a question?

Posted in Rant by Mike on February 23, 2007

In particular: How much can you lift?

I don’t conceal my training lifestyle, if anything I flaunt it. I’m kinda proud of it and proud that I stick too it. I also figure it’s and extra level of back up, if everyone knows, then I figure I have to tell them if I quit too. As a result, though, I get asked to help people move, training advice (that always gets ignored) and occasionally “How much can you lift?”.

This is a decieving question because I can lift about 1000 pounds, as long as I only”lift”it about 1/2″ on a clear day that begins with S and the wind is out of the north. However, if you pose the challenge correctly, I can be stopped with 35 pounds too. So how much can I lift? Most of the people who as  a question like this are uninitiated so I can’t tell them, “My power total is around 1300 lbs while my Olympic total is about 175 – 200 kilos”.

I’ve found that they are usually asking the question to see if I am up to a particular challenge. So more often than not it works best if I try to divine their goal. I was asked this question yesterday to find out that they wanted me to help move a computer/cabinet (called a Pyxis) that weighs about 200lbs but is akward as can be, but it wasn’t from the floor. So my answer to “How much can you lift?” was  “Yeah, I can lift that”.

How much can you lift?
More important, how do you answer?