Anvil or Hammer

That’s gonna hurt in the morning

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 17, 2007

I meant to write this last night but time and exhaustion got the better of me. 2 hours and 15 minutes to kill in the gym. I feel they were well spent.

70K 3 reps Double Overhand
120K 3 reps Double Overhand
170K 1 reps Double Overhand 2 reps Mixed
220K 2 reps Mixed
230K 0 reps, miss
190K 2 reps Mixed
190K 2 reps Mixed

Rack pulls, knee height pin 4
315 2 reps DO
405 2 reps Mixed
295 2 reps Mixed
585 0 reps

It seems that the top of my pull is where I need the help. chains are in order.

Crunch, I did this at Chris’s suggestion. It’s machine where you sit upright and lean against a pad attached toa¬† weight stack. I was mostly trying to stretch out the back a bit.
50 lbs
front 20 reps
each side 10 reps

Oly Squat
60K X 5
100K X 3
110K X 20
These felt really good and deep to me. I don’t know how many Dan saw but hopefully he can comment on how deep they really were or were not. I felt like I was sitting on my heals but I’m sure it wasn’t quite that deep. I did find that if I set my hands narrower on the bar, the bar sits in a truer high bar position and doesn’t sleep nearl as much. The higher bar seems to allow more depth.

Hanging Leg Raises x 15
good exercise it seems.

135 X 10
225 5 X 5
I’m hoping to work up to body weight for multiple reps. I did take a 5 minute break before the last ser. I was timing and counting for Dan on KB snatches. he his 130, pertty nice.

60K X 5
100K x 1 barely
80K 5, 5, 5, 4 – failed on the 5th
60K 5
I was really hitting exhaustion here

Incline situp 15 reps

Closed Grip Pulldown
150lbs 6,6,6,3 failed

Kettlebell OHS X 1 24K kettlebells
I just wanted to try these, it seemed like a real challenge and it was. I recommend any who hasn’t already, try them out

Barbel Lunges 60K
Standing 5reps/leg, 5, 5
Walking Lunges 6 reps per leg, 6
By the time I got to these the world was getting all fuzzy after each set. I was done.

Today I am sore, not incapacitated sore but sore none the less. I’m taking it light today, We’ll take a walk and stuff. Tomorrow I have to work and will be walking a ton. It should be a good recovery weekend.