Anvil or Hammer

City Strength

Posted in Cardio by Mike on February 14, 2007

The whole concept of farmstrength, as I understand it, is that you can be called upon any day at any time to do basic chores: bailing hay, reaping, hauling gear, fixing a tractor. I don’t have any of those things. What I do have is a whole mess of snow that is freezing and turning into ice chunks. I also have a whole lot of elderly neighbors. Today’s workout was an hour of shoveling which included a certain amount of ice breaking and, in the end, shovel breaking. I broke our new shovel, so we went and bought two more, metal this time.

Nasty, Nasty Weather

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on February 14, 2007

It’s icky out. The gym will be closed. I have tomorrow off and something special planned for Friday. So, what should I do today? Bending, Thick handle dumbells at home, sandbag deadlifts on the porch, more kettlebell, bodyweight exercises, yoga, take the day off too?

I’m looking for suggestions.

Random, there may be some weirdness with the site over the next 48 hours. I am attempting some computer Voodoo that is way over my head. Please be patient.

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