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Gut check Monday

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 12, 2007

Dumbarton today

Hang clean and jerk 40K X 5
30 hang clean and jerks in 25 minutes 50K, 60K, 70K, 80k, 60K, 60k. I thought of them as sets of five but each one was a deadlift from the floor, hang clean, jerk, back to the floor, step back. Each one was a seperate lift. It wasn’t really my intent but once I was halfway into it and sucking wind I went with it. This was difficult. I had 20 rep squat planned next but I smimply was not ready to face that.

Military Bench 225 5,5,3
It’s not an actual military bench, just me starting to train up to it.

Closed grip bench 135 X 10

20 rep squat 225lbs
I took this slow, squat, a coupld breathes, squat,a  couple breathes. about 5 I hit a rhythm and the next fifteen came somewhat automatically. I need to up the weight on these, I know I do but there is a certain fear factor in there. It’s gonna hurt, I know that. i just need to get over it and do it.

Bent over barbell rows 60K 5 X 5
I want to start doing rows again

Lunges 135 2 X 5 per leg
no room to walk so these were the kind were you step then step back. I don’t actually recall if it was 5 or 10 per leg so i’m being conservative. I was totally gased befor I hit these and really delayed but finally got down to business.

The weather is supposed to be nasty here tomorrow and people kind of freak out when it snows around here so there is a good chance that the university will be closed. Fortunately I am the proud owner of a 24K kettlebell so I have no excuses. Don’t let me out of this one.

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Good Lift

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 12, 2007

I ended up judging for Kris’s Virtual Powerlifting Meet. I’ll be interested to see the results and to see if the other two judges agreed with me. There were a couple lifts that were really on a knife’s edge in my book but for the most part, good clean lifts. It’s interesting to see other lifters in other countries and gyms. In preparing to judge this event I read over the rules pretty thouroughly. I ran across an interesting lift, or at least interesting to me. The Military Bench, it’s basically bodyweight for reps. I think I may have to give this one a go. I can’t really see any reason to do max weight bench anymore. I just don’t care all that much about hitting four hundred and it makes my shoulders hurt when I go over three hundred. Twenty or so reps of bodyweight sounds really cool though.
Speaking of bodyweight, this is the first week I have begun at below 260 in a while. I’m trying to find some documentation of last time but I haven’t done a very good job of documenting my weight. I have somewhere that I got into the mid 250s before Thanksgiving (November ’06) but I don’t actually have the weight recorded. This morning I weighed in at 258.0. This seems right as I have been below 260 for a few days now. I wanted to survive the weekend below 260 before I got too exicted. Now I’m shooting to have my first calendar week below 260. Wish me luck.

On last thing. Is there anyone reading this blog who has an article in them? Not for this blog but for another project I am involved in. It can be about anything involving training (including but not limited to: weight loss, weight gain, max effort, high rep, home gyms, equipment, supplements, other sports, training on a schedule, training on a dime….). You’ll have plenty of time to work on it and are more than welcome to post it on your own site as well. Contact me for detail either through a comment or There’s probably no compensation for you effort other than being heard.

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