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Two hour tour

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 10, 2007

Last evening I worked my to hour shift at the gym. I worked over the clean and jerk a fair bit. Mostly with 60K but I did work with Dan’s 90K from the hang as well. I was doing okay. Every once in a while I would get too cool and have to refresh the nervous system with some lighter movement to remind myself how to do it. Toward the end I started to tire I think. I started cheating more and was missing some of them. Dan caught that I still sit forward on my feet too much. It’s not really a flexibility thing, it’s mostly habit although I do feel like I’m going to fall over bakwards towards the bottom of the movement if I don’t lean forward. he gave me a drill of standing a couple inches from the wall and squat without touching it. I can’t do it . So I need to work that.
I did some pulldown and and some other playing around. I couldn’t even do one pull up last night. Surprised myself by closing the #1 gripper. I have always looked at that gripper as something I can’t just do. I have to train to it. Kinda sad I know but grippers are certainly not my strength. I keep telling myself I will do something about it but it never happens. We played with some plate pinches, I am consistently about ten pounds behind Dan on those, no surprise there. Dude’s got a grip.
As I was wrapping up, my wife was doing her split squats. I thought I would join in the fun. It’s an easy enough exercise (I didn’t use any weight) but I really liked the stretch it gave the front of my leg. I was going all the way down and resting my knee on the floor. good stuff.

EDIT: forgot, I did some realy ugly hang snatches into a few reps of overhead squats. I did that a few times with 60K

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