Anvil or Hammer

May be ok

Posted in Strongman by Mike on February 10, 2007

Headed to Luke’s for some Strongman

yoke walk (4 showing above)
330 long walk (parking space, 15 – 20 yrds)
510 long walk
650 short walk (about 10 yrds)
730 1/2 short walk (call it 5 yrds)
780 4 steps (stopped because the uneven weight distribution made it wobbly)
830 2 step
830 1 step
I’m pretty happy with this actually. The contest weight will be 800, so it’s just a matter of getting some more steps in there. Also, as Luke pointed out, last time I barely locked out 850, so a few steps with 830 is big.

Lockout – 910
It seemed stupid to push one so I called it there. Perhaps I can push on to 1000 at some point.

Front Carry (bar at the bottom of th yoke)
150 short walk
250 short walk
330 long walk
430 long walk
510 longest walk (20 full yards) with three drops

Technical update: New links in the left side bar

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on February 10, 2007

Let your eyes wander to the left. You should see the search box, a calendar and..oh..what’s this. The last five comments on this blog. Now you can see if anyone commented on and old thread without going back to look. I like it.

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Two hour tour

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 10, 2007

Last evening I worked my to hour shift at the gym. I worked over the clean and jerk a fair bit. Mostly with 60K but I did work with Dan’s 90K from the hang as well. I was doing okay. Every once in a while I would get too cool and have to refresh the nervous system with some lighter movement to remind myself how to do it. Toward the end I started to tire I think. I started cheating more and was missing some of them. Dan caught that I still sit forward on my feet too much. It’s not really a flexibility thing, it’s mostly habit although I do feel like I’m going to fall over bakwards towards the bottom of the movement if I don’t lean forward. he gave me a drill of standing a couple inches from the wall and squat without touching it. I can’t do it . So I need to work that.
I did some pulldown and and some other playing around. I couldn’t even do one pull up last night. Surprised myself by closing the #1 gripper. I have always looked at that gripper as something I can’t just do. I have to train to it. Kinda sad I know but grippers are certainly not my strength. I keep telling myself I will do something about it but it never happens. We played with some plate pinches, I am consistently about ten pounds behind Dan on those, no surprise there. Dude’s got a grip.
As I was wrapping up, my wife was doing her split squats. I thought I would join in the fun. It’s an easy enough exercise (I didn’t use any weight) but I really liked the stretch it gave the front of my leg. I was going all the way down and resting my knee on the floor. good stuff.

EDIT: forgot, I did some realy ugly hang snatches into a few reps of overhead squats. I did that a few times with 60K

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