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What do I do with it?

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 7, 2007

Interesting workout today.

I started off with jumprope like I often do. During a rest session someone walked up to me  and asked if I was the guy that was doing that competition. I figured he meant Dan’s Tactical Challenge so I explained that I knew the guy and what did he want to know. He asked bout the events. He was curious about the kettlebell, so I went to the car where I happened to have my kettlebell and brought it in. The first thing people said was, “What do I do with it?”. I showed a couple people the snatch, they tried. They said it was impossible. I showed them again. The guys I was talking too were all complaining that it was too heavy and they were too light. I tried to explain that most of the guys who do this would be their size. They didn’t believe me. Finally, after about 15 minutes I got back to my workout.

70K (154 lbs) X 5
120K (264 lbs) X 5
170K (374 lbs) X 5 switched to mixed grip
220K (484 lbs) X 2 missed a couple pulls
230K (506 lbs) x 0 missed twice
I was kinda surprised I mised where I did. I think it’s more of a rusty thing that a strength thing. I wasn’t tapping into it quite right. I definitely think that the olympic lifts are effecting me here. It’s not such a horrible thing, I just need to figure out how I want to approach it.

Olympic squats
60K (132 lbs) X 5
80K (176 lbs) x 5
100K (220lbs) X 20 – yep, 20 reps. I took it kinda slow but I started to notice before I was done.

100k X 3 Jerk – kinda uncomfortable and the hands really weren’t warmed up for it
60K x 5 Strict Press
60K X 5 Strict Press
60K X 4 Strict Press
60K X 3 Strict Press
60K X 3 Strict Press
60K X 4 Jerk
60K X 4 Jerk
I wanted to do jerks but I didn’t have it in me. So I wussed out and went for presses, then I started to fail at those. I need to work some lockouts, my tricep strength is way down. I finished with jerks at a lower weight cause I couldn’t press it anymore. By the time I got done, I’m not sure I could really even jerk it anymore.

2″ Dumbell row
70lbs 5 X 5
I was doing these in the hopes that doing some rows will help with my pullups. I can only do one and that is sad. Just doing pullups doesn’t seem to help very much.

I was starting to wrap up, considering doing some KB snatches since I brought it in, new people started to come into the gym. This brought a whole new round of “Oh, cool’, ‘What do I do with it”. By the time I was done with this crew they were asking me to talk to the guy who runs the gym and get him to order a small set in.  So I may have to do that.


Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on February 7, 2007

I headed to class yesterday but not before heading to the gym at the University of Baltimore. I was thinking they had some rowing machines, I was wrong, dangit. I wandered around for a bit and finally headed for the kettlebells that I have played with before. They have a pretty decent set. I don’t recall all the weights but it’s roughly two of each weight in 8 kilo increments. More than I can use at once.
Time was short and it was my first day of class so I kept things short. I also kept things short because I’m still planning on lifting tonight as well. So this was just a little gasser but not too much of a workout. Honestly, I kinda like the tire better but this will do for a while.

24K ten reps per hand per minute. Shooting for five consecutive minutes. I got through four, took a minute off and did one more.
16K ten reps per hand per minute. I did this just too see how it would go as a step down workout. The weight was amazingly light but that didn’t stop my back from tightening up like crazy around minute two. At minute three decided I had had enough.

I’d like to take the 24K all the way through the 5 minute, I think it’s there, I just need to push a little harder. 100 reps in 5 minutes is okay.I think I have done more in a test at Dan’s but can’t find the documentation.

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