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Eat too clean

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on February 5, 2007

Last week I was really strict about my diet. By Saturday morning I hit 260. Sunday was the Super Bowl and I headed over to a friend’s house to watch. I figured I wouldn’t worry about the diet stuff too much, I accepted that I might put a couple pounds back on and that’s just how it is sometimes. I had a soda, somethink I don’t often do now but I had only one. I had a couple bruschetta bites, no big deal. Then they produced the coup de grace, Buffalo Wings. I loves me some wings. I believe I can accurately say I ate 25 five of them. oops.
Unfortunately, and probably due to eating a little too perfect, it caused issues. I slept about two hours last night and was up the rest of the night with gut pain. I even called into work. They probably think I have a hang over, if they only knew. So I’ll probably miss the gym today as I have always believed that if you miss work or school, you should probably stay home from other activities too.
I did end up packing on four and a half pounds which is more than I expected, even for 25 buffalo wings. I guess there are two lessons here. First, when you REALLY go off diet it can hurt you in more than just your waistline. Second, willful indiscretions like this can set you back further than you expect.

So I’m probably out for today. Tomorrow is something new. I have started a class at a local school. I have seen their gym before. I have about an hour and a half between when I should arrive there and when the class starts. I have to work dinner in there somehow but I’m planning on hitting their gym while I’m there. Last time I saw it, they had rowing machines, punching bags, kettlebells and some weights. I seem to recall that they may have even had a climbing rope. I’m planning on getting in some rowing and maybe ketttlebells (maybe not). I still have to figure out how to take something that will keep all day in my lunch bag that will make a good dinner though. I’m taking suggestions.

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  1. Scott said,

    Normally I’d point out the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of meat on chicken wings, but 25 of them seems like a good session 🙂

    That school gym sounds good. You can do a lot with the kettlebells in a short period of time.

  2. Scott said,

    Just noticed the Wingbowl winner for this year. I guess 25 isn’t all that bad after all.

  3. Scott Styles said,

    I’ve done that sort of thing to myself more times than I’d care to admit. A good bit of the weight tends to be water retention from the salt in junky food. There’s no way you ate the 16,000 calories needed to put on 4.5lbs.

  4. Mike said,

    Wow!, 182 wings, definitely no tmy cup of tea. 25 was plaenty for me. It wasn’t so much the quantity as the amount of fat, ick.
    I was impressed with the university gym last time I went. I actually have a couple old posts about it that I’ll try to remember to link to again whenever I post about tomorrow, which will probably have to be Wednesday morning. The place is about a block from where I used to live. I tried to go there then but it just didn’t work out too well. I think it will be a good place to visit once a week or so.

    Two for the price of One
    University of Baltimore

  5. Mike said,

    Checked my weight this morning. I think I discovered a technical difficulty. For a long time we have kept out scale in the closet and just grab it out when we need it. It’s digital and turns on when you step on it. Lately it has been turning on just when I grab it. I hadn’t thought much about it. I played with it today. If I grab it, it turns on mid air and then I weigh myself, 266. If I then set it on the ground, let it turn off then reactivate it by stepping on it, 261.4. I assume this means the scale tares when it is activated and it is reading itself as -4.6lbs.
    I tested it a couple times and it was consistent. That may explain the sudden gain. So, I’m gonna say I’m at 261.4 as of today. Back to the good diet. I’m kinda glad.

  6. Chris Rice said,

    In one days time – it is impossible to gain more weight than the actual physical weight of the food and drink consumed.

  7. Mike said,

    Yeah, I used to have a wrestling coach who swore by that, he would cut and cut but the last day he lived off snickers.

    I think the problem was the techincal issue I mentioned. If the scale activates before you set it on the ground, it reads 5 lbs heavy. I was up more like a pound.

  8. No. 6 said,

    The problem is definitely the technical issue with the scale–I played with that this morning. Scott is right about the possibility of water retention, though. A lot of people notice at least a couple extra pounds on the scale coming out of a weekend food bender that magically disappear within a day or so.

  9. Mike said,

    Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife
    No worries love, I got your comments (they got trapped in the spam filter momentarily). I’ll bring the kettlebell.

  10. Mike said,

    Gotta run, see you at the gym!!


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