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Posted in Strongman by Mike on February 3, 2007

Over to Luke’s for strongman training.

Started out on the smaller wooden log, did a bit of warmup. Eventually I moved on to the big steel log. I think I said it was 245 previously, it’s 240, my bad. A couple misses on the clean and jerk. I got a clean and jerk with resting it on my head on the way up. Then I finally got it. A good clean and a clean jerk, no stop, no rest on the head. I have to make sue that I dip when catching the jerk, not just use the explosion to power it up. Then I added 5 lbs, then I couldn’t even clean it, despite trying several times.

Keg carry and sled drag medly
This was done to kind of mimic the hydrant carry and chain drag of the upcoming strongman contest. The keg was in the 250ish range and what a struggle. I was carrying it too low, I should have had it higher. I went to what I was guesstimating as 10 yards and turned around to head back. I got the carry out in one go. On the way back, it took longer. I dropped it and kept dropping it.
The sled drag wasy interesting, we used Lukes 3″ barbell for a handle to try and mimic the chain. the sled was light and easy to pull, the handle was a pain in the butt. I didn’t think to go with a mixed grip at the time. I should have, I had to stop about three times.

It seems like we did more but that’s all I have for now.
I’m off tomorrow. I’m debating a trip to the park with the tire.

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