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On Duty

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 3, 2007

Last night I worked my first two hour shift at the gym. At our gym, we have volunteers cover two hours and that gets their membership covered. Cool huh. So that gave me two hours to kill at the gym, but I’m doing strongman today so I didn’t want to kill myself at the gym. I’ve been working on learning to Clean so last night I decided to work on the Jerk. I kept the weights pretty light 40K and later 60K just for practicing. I tried to do a couple reps then relax for four or five minutes then do a few more. I probably did 30 or 40.

Later Dan showed up so as he worked his Clean, I worked the High Hang Clean. From the high position i was able to Clean 80K. For some reason when you throw 20 more Kilos on, it just feels different. I think it’s a mental switch for me. I may try to do some Clean pulls with 100 or 120K to try just get my brain past that. I was able to Clean pull 150K double overhand with a hook grip pretty comfortably which was good, I’m glad that my hook grip is finally starting to work for me. I played with some kettle bellls and some grippers. Dan closed a 3# that was pretty fresh out of the packeage but yours truly failed to hit the record button on the video camera, so well done there.

Dan will be putting on the Tactical Strength Challenge at Dumbarton. Very cool stuff. I’m gonna show up. It means I have some work to do there and very little time to do it. The contest has deadifts, 5 minute KB snatch test and pull ups. Deadlift is easy, Snatch Test is hard but I think I can train up to put on a decent showing, I hope. The pullup…well, I can only do 2 or 3 on a given day AND none of those will count or this contest. I just pull to get my chin over the bar, you have to touch your neck or chest to the bar to count for this. So I will be working that. If nothing else. I’ll show up and do my thing and it will be whatever it is but it’ll give me something to work on for next year.

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