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Fight Against Gravity

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 17, 2007

Super max today!! ­čÖé

This program is kind of an experiment. The idea is to find my max then go higher and push, isometrically, against it. Because of the nature of exercises, these are all started from the bottom.

Pin Height Name Weights used Super Max
8 Top of the thigh Rock Bottom 135, 225, 315, 365 365
10 Belly Button Half Squat 315. 405, 425 425
12 Bottom of Ribs Quarter Squat 405, 455, 475, 495 495
14 chest lockout 495, 585, 675, 765 > 765
Standing press
Pin Height Name Weights used Super Max
14 chest Strict Press 135, 185, 205 205
16 throat Half Press 135, 185 185
18 Nose Quarter Press 135, 185, 205 205
20 Overhead Lockout 135, 185, 205, 225, 245 245

A large part of today’s workout was finding the right weights to use for future workouts. Additionally, it was just a matter of making myself comfortable with the workout. So far, I’m not so impressed but I have learned some things too. it appears one of the most important things (at least in my mind) is to be using a weight that is just barely over your max. You have to know you are capable of doing it otherwise it’s just too easy to quit. On the times where I felt like it wanted to move, I always wanted to try again and I noticed I was pushing harder.

Did some rack pulls from pin 6 as well, double overhand. Pulled to 405.

While I was working out I saw a guy doing one of my favorite exercises I love to hate and hate to love. He was doing barbell lunges. I know from previous conversations he weighs about 160 – 165 lbs. Based on the colors of the plates, he was doing walking lunges with 80K or 175ish lbs. That means he was doing walking barbell lunges with a weight over his own body weight. I decided I need to add them back in. That’ll be in a couple weeks though.

┬áI’m off tomorrow, I thought I would need some recovery. It looks like i’ll be recovering from monday more than today. That’s ok though.

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Yoga Bear

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on January 16, 2007

My quads are barkin’ today. I don’t think it’s the 20 rep squat. I think it’s the 100 or so front squats I did yesterday. Low weight, low frequency, high volume.

Attempted yoga tonight. I seem to recall that I didn’t like doing yoga when I was sore before. I also don’t recall particularly liking to do it in the evening. I think I’m gonna need to find something else for evenings. Maybe I can squeeze in some morning yoga on Sundays, we’ll see, I do like to sleep past 5 at least one day a week.

I recall thinking about finding something other than yoga last time I was doing it too. Tonight I was thinking about joint mobility, something to really get in the hips and shoulders, although in truth my wrists and ankles probably need it just as bad or worse. Is there a DVD or book out there for that or do I just need to finally invest in a Physical therapist?

Race against gravity

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 15, 2007

I ended up not getting anything done yesterday.

I had to work today for a special project.

Fortunately for me, the gym was open today. I broke out my “new” oly shoes and took them for┬áa ride. I’m trying to learn to squat clean. I used some tips written up by Chris Rice as my guide.

Front Squat, 60k. A few. Sitting nice and low. I still tend to lean too far over

Full Extenion Clean, 40k and 60k. I start in the highest position of the clean, on the toes, shoulders shrugged and try to get under the bar before it hits the ground, the race a against gravity. It took a while to get any of these caught. I found that with 40k it was just too easy to cheat. I used 60k to try and avoid the little wrist flip┬áI was doing. I think even a 60K I was slipping a little hitch in there to make it so I could get low in time. I did this for about an hour, call it 50 – 100┬áreps.

High Hang Clean (bar above the knees), 80K. These were pretty easy at first even though I was starting to feel it a bit. I was gonna do them for half hour but at 20 minutes I was suddenly missing them for no reason and it was clear to me that I had done enough and my nerves were shot. Call it┬á10 – 20┬áreps

Squat, oly style, 100K. 20 reps. took my time but didn’t set it down.

The Plan Stan

Posted in Rant by Mike on January 14, 2007

I haven’t gotten around to posting the plan for right now.

Sunday: off
Monday: oly lifting, there is a lot I don’t know about what I need to be doing here, you can learn along with me. There will also be some cardio here
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: Super Max, I am going to experiment with doing some supermax for a while, I will be working the Squat and Overhead press here
Thursday: rest
Friday: Climb, cardio
Saturday: Strongman

Also, I am returning to my prevacation habit of a daily walk too.

anyone have any thoughts?

No Strongman, no problem

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 13, 2007
Strongman didn’t happen today. I was gonna try to knock out some sandbags but it started raining so I gave up on the day. My wife pointed out that my gym probably won’t be open Monday so maybe I’ll try sandbags tomorrow. Monday off, then yoga on Tuesday. I was stretching a bit tonight, I haven’t done yoga or stretching in a while, I can tell. I have to figure out how to incorporate that more in my program.
It’s kind of a shame about Monday┬ácause I got my shoes in.
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Hit the wall

Posted in Climbing by Mike on January 12, 2007

A quick check of my blog tells me that my last workout in the climbing category was November 20. In other words, i probably haven’t climbed in almost two months. boy could I tell. I have to admit, I took some of the time intentionally, I was frustrated with trying to divide my time between everything. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Showed up and jumped into the mix with three other, much better, climbers. I attempted a 5.6 (I was told it was a hard 5.6 and I would agree), 5.5, 5.4. I didn’t complete a single one cleanly. My forearms pumped early and often. I wasn’t standing nearly as strong or tall as i know I need. Last, my footwork was nonexistant.

Ah well, no where to go but up (pun intended).

I was gonna jump rope for cardio but the room I planned to do it in was carpeted in my absence. I decided I had enough cardio for the day.

Tomorrow, strongman.

Last day off

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on January 12, 2007

yesterday was my last day off. Today I head to the climbing gym and tomorrow, strongman. It’ll be good to get back at it. It makes the reading here more interesting too.

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Daddy needs a new pair of shoes

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 11, 2007



bought some oly shoes finally, they’re an off brand but probably a good place to start. Those will be nice while working on learning the Oly lifts, I will be using some lessons Chris rice relayed to me. More on those later.

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On the wagon

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 11, 2007

No,┬áI don’t have an alcohol problem, I’m back on the wagon for diet. Before the holidays I just totally let my diet go, stopped caring. It wasn’t long before I hit 265 again. I started off the holidays eating too much but working out a fair bit. They wrapped up with me eating a more sane amount but not working out, which broght me in at 264.5 Tuesday.
The holiday did give me the time to think about what is important in my workouts and drilled home to me that it is time to put up or shut up and move to a healthier weight. These last few days I have begun and it has been difficult at times. First, I still have left over junk food from the holidays and to me, just throwing away a pound of jelly beans that someone was nice enough to sneak into my luggage is not an option. so I’m probably sabotaging myself there a little.
I’ve been doing my best to follow the 7 habits of effective dieting from t-nation (I don’t have the link handy but will try to get it later. I do allow myself some carbs, which is against the diet but I try to stay away from straight sugar. I find I crave it bad at 12, 5 and 9 pm, no idea why those times but that seems to be the case and it doesn’t seem waiting it out does a whole lot of good for me
I am also attempting a little portion control. One of my greatest problems in the past has been amount per sitting. I’m eating often now so I am trying to limit the amount. it was hard last evening to not automatically make myself two sandwiches for dinner. It’s also weird to not be “full” when I finish eating. I’m not hungry mind you. I just don’t have the feeling my stomach is packed, that sensation usually sent me to the pantry to find more. I have been hungry a few times, for a half an hour or so. it’s no big deal, it’s not like i’m depriving myself, I’m just trying to let the clock tell me when to eat for a while rather than my over indulged gut.
In the last few days I have quickly dropped 3 pounds. This, I believe is just an initial reaction by my body that hasn’t yet learned to cope with it’s new lot in life. I don’t expect to keep it up. I do think the first ten pounds will come quickly, then the work will begin. I’m shooting for 235 here.

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Shameless Plug

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 9, 2007

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