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A moment

Posted in Cardio,Dinsoaur Style,Images,Rest and Recovery by Mike on January 31, 2007

I went for the tire last evening. I wanted four laps, one estimated mile with the tire, no running, just the grind. I was lucky, I had one of those moments you can only ever achieve when you train outside. I began my walk under cloudy skies and cool temps. As I trudged and listened to music I thought about the Strongman contest coming up. I looked around about half way through my first lap and suddenly there were huge snowflakes falling slowly, silently around me. The snow was coming slow so I went on.
By the time the second lap came, the snow was getting heavier but at this point I was enjoying the whole experience too much fun to quit. The snow kept on and I made a path through it with the tire, tiny little glacier that it is. As the snow fell, I also found that my task was getting easier. By the time I was finished, I was hardly straining at all against the the friction.
I happened to have my camera in the car.

A tire in the snow

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