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Learning Curve Shortens

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 31, 2007

Back to Dumbarton today. I opted to not do the supermax workout.

Oly squats:
3 X bar (20K)
3 X 40K
3 X 60K
3 X 100K
3 X 100K
3 X 140K
3 X 140K
3 X 160K
3 x 160K
1 X 180K
1 X 180K
I got kinda carried away with the squats. It wasn’t really intentional. I figured out something about my body positioning during these. I have traditionally tried to do these with the really boxy, power style leg positioning. I recall hearing Dan John say something about how you have to remember that your torso is suspended between your legs. I never could make sense of that but I think I finally got it right. For me, I have to almost think about trying to keep my lower legs pointed straight up while kind pushing my knees out. It’s not an accurate description of what I’m actually doing, it’s just how I have to think about it to make it work. It makes my knees not hurt and it makes me get low like you see in the iron mind videos.
I actually went for a second one on the last set of  180k, I had it in me to. Unfortunately, I got a tad off balance at the bottom. I actually managed to bring the weight back under control, unfortunately I had really buried myself at that point, I just couldn’t make it back out from under it. So I dumped it. oops.

Front Squats
60K 5 X 5
70K 3 X 5
These felt really good, I actually had them racked right. the big surprise was that my hands hurt afterward, they aren’t used to being hyperextended like that. That will take some adjustment and training.

Strict Press
185 X1 a whole bunch of times
I was just running out of gas.

Tomorrow I’m off, I had considered the tire but the weather is supposed to be horrible. Instead I checked out a DVD from the library on some varient of Tai Chi, I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ll try to comment more tomorrow on what led me to try Tai Chi and on the strongman thing.

A moment

Posted in Cardio,Dinsoaur Style,Images,Rest and Recovery by Mike on January 31, 2007

I went for the tire last evening. I wanted four laps, one estimated mile with the tire, no running, just the grind. I was lucky, I had one of those moments you can only ever achieve when you train outside. I began my walk under cloudy skies and cool temps. As I trudged and listened to music I thought about the Strongman contest coming up. I looked around about half way through my first lap and suddenly there were huge snowflakes falling slowly, silently around me. The snow was coming slow so I went on.
By the time the second lap came, the snow was getting heavier but at this point I was enjoying the whole experience too much fun to quit. The snow kept on and I made a path through it with the tire, tiny little glacier that it is. As the snow fell, I also found that my task was getting easier. By the time I was finished, I was hardly straining at all against the the friction.
I happened to have my camera in the car.

A tire in the snow

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