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A Deep Sense of Panic

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 30, 2007

A deep sense of panic fills me as I finally look upon the upcoming strongman contest, May 12th. Observe:

Event Light Weights Heavy weights (me)
Log Clean & Press 230 lbs 280 lbs
Farmer’s Walk 50 ft 300lbs 330lbs
Stone Load 260 – 355lbs 270 – 385lbs
Fire Hydrant Carry and Chain Drag 280lbs & 580lbs 315lbs & 640lbs
Yoke Walk and Tire Flip 710 & 725 800 & 725

To recap:

A log press 35lbs over my current best
Farmers Walk 44lbs/hand over my current best
Stone Load beginning at my current best, I believe
Fire Hydrant carry 75lbs over my best carry so far
Chain Drage that I have never done
Yoke walk 115lbs over my current best
and the tire flip if I get to it.

I just keep telling myself that I have time to make it. This is why we do these things, competitions. To force ourselves to push for numbers we would have never otherwise gone for. It also makes me think that despite my desire to give this supermax workout a fair shot, that thing will have to be shelved. I need to move some iron and sand if I expect to make this. Now I just need to get my check in.

so am I overreacting?