Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 29, 2007

I got today off to a good start with some jump rope and then ten or fifteen front squats. I moved into Full Extension Hang cleans. These felt pretty good, I did about ten at 40 K and then started moving up 2.5 K at  time.
40K X 10
42.5K X 5
45K X 5
47.5K X 5
50K X 5
52.5K X 5
 55K X 5
I continued to push on with 57.5K but I think I was pulling more from a flat footed hang clean and getting that little cheater explosion in. I moved on to a flat footed, standing tall type hang for 57.5, 60 and 62.5. At which point I got some pointers. They were all very good, or at least I think they were. 

  1. Open my hands when I catch the bar
  2. Narrow my grip
  3. Catch the bar on the downward motion
  4. Flaring the toes is ok
  5.  Try to shoot the elbows through at the same time as or before my heels recontact the ground
  6. Don’t hang from the standing tall position, bend over just enough to get the shoulders past the bar

These are all kinda no brainers but it was nice to have someone there to remind me of some of these things. I think it helped. I got some of my best feeling cleans in tonight. I have no idea how many I did from this point on but it was a half an hour of clean, set it down and critque myself, repeat. I also finally figured out what is wearing holes in the backs of my second knuckle on my thumb, rug burn, from my shirt.

I wrapped up with a 100k 20 rep squat. I paced my breathing a little better and all in all it really wasnt nearly as painful as usual. i blame the tire for this conditioning. Just for that it will get used again tomorrow.