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Don’t Tire too easily

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on January 28, 2007

I got back from DC a little early and squeezed in a workout while Laura went to Gold’s Gym.

I adjusted the harness on my tire just a little bit, the consequences were unexpected. I gave it about 3 feet more of slack, as a result the tire has better contact witht he ground and thus considerably more friction to overcome. I started out the same as last time, run one length of the field, use the rest of the lap at a walk to recover. 9 minutes on the first lap. Second lap I really started to feel that friction, same routine as before but 12 minutes this time. The third lap, as I tried to run the length I could barely pick up my legs. I had to stop. I parked the tire at the far end of the field, I decided it was time for something different.
I went to the car and got another 45lb plate and my 2″ dumbell (made from pipe so it’s hollow inside). I strung the pulling rope through the pipe and threw the extra plate on the tire. Now I was pulling a the tire facing backward using a 2″ handle. It took ten attempts to get it across the field, my hands were shot and my legs were sluggish with the pump caused by it. Want big quads, try that exercise.

I did run across one idea that I have considered before. Unfortunately I didn’t start it already. An annual or semi annual test. It would be composed of things I don’t train directly but get trained indirectly. The standing high jump, standing long jump, 40m dash, that kind of stuff. Any other ideas?