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Supermax round two

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 24, 2007

yup again

warmed up with 5 full ROM reps of 135, 225 and 315. I like those.

pin Name Weights used Supermax
8 Rock Bottom 315, 335, 355 355
10 Half Squat 365, 405 405
12 Quarter Squat 405, 455,495 495
14 Lockout 495,585 850

Lemme see here, no gains,a couple felt close, the rock bottom and the 1/4 felt like they wanted to move. I feel totally week in the half squat position, no doubt in my mind that this is my sticking point. Also, I need to figure out how to do some clean up on my squat form. I tend the bed over at the waist, letting the butt come out and that brings the thighs out of parallel.
I bailed early on the lockouts cause that bar just worries me, I’m gonna make some changes in this. I think i need to lose the lock out (still train it with the yoke) and work every pin rather than every other. Chris also suggested switching up the order. I would like to try this order two more times then try it his way. I think he has a good idea and some god experience to back to up but I want to at least feel like I have a frame of reference.

Overhead Press
pin Name Weights used Supermax
14 Strict Press 135, 185, 205 205
16 Half Press 135, 185 185
18 Quarter Press 135, 185, 205 205
20 Overhead Lockout 245

No gains again, no losses if I recall though either. I quit on the lockouts cause my shoulders where hurting all throughout this. Too much in the last 5 days or so I think. When I switch the squats, I will switch these too.

Rack pull from pin 6, I got up to 365 in the double overhand position. I hit 405 last time but it just wasn’t gonna happen today.

Barbell lunges 40K, One length is 3 steps with each leg, One lap as two lengths, I was going for 5 laps. At lap 2.5 one of my plates fell off so I had to put the bar back together again and collared it this time. This was the real burner of the day.

That’s it for the week, i’m off for a few days. I’ll try to think of something to schedule to post of Friday.

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