Anvil or Hammer

What a drag

Posted in Cardio,Rest and Recovery,Strongman by Mike on January 23, 2007

My puns just get worse and worse.

This evening I took the tire, wedged a 45lb plate down inside it and went to the park. I walked all the way around the grassy part which I am choosing to guesstimate at 1/4 mile. I jogged down one side then walked the other three. I made three laps in 27 minutes, roughly. The jog was very aerobically taxing, once I slowed to a walk, the wind came easier but it was more of a challenge on my muscles.
I’m hoping that I managed to get some recovery and some cardio at the same time. I hope to do this more, I’ve only broken the tire out intermittently, and use it as a cardio, conditioning and recovry tool.

Tomorrow it’s super max, this week is very front loaded, workout wise cause I’m headed off for a short trip for fun. maybe I’ll squeeze in a workout Sunday but probably not.

Random other news, I upgraded the software that runs this site, hopefully you won’t notice much, let me know if you see anything out the ordinary. I also have access to my domain from work again, I have no idea why, the upgrade shouldn’t account for it. So I will attempt to be more timely in responding in future.

Last, congratulations to Scott Styles on his first phone book tear, that’s one more milestone down.