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Still sore

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 22, 2007

I had a bit of left over soreness from Saturday. I had a great workout and was still feeling it.

jump rope 1 minute on, 1 minute off for four cycles

Full Extension Hang Clean – 30 minutes, 40 reps. I used 40, 50 and 60k at idfferent times. My shoulders started to really hurt after a while and it was a real chore to finish, I decided that pushing on for another half an hour with hang cleans was not the right answer.

Lunges – 3 steps per leg is one length, two lengths was one set. 40K and 50K

Side Lunges – Bodyweight

jump rope – two cycles

I’m gonna try to brave teh cold tomorrow and spend about 30 minutes walking and jogging with the tire.

In random other news, I did some upgrades to the blog yesterday and all looked well but I am finding logging in to be a problem today. If you have an issue I apologize. I’ll try to sort it out in the immedite future.

EDIT: I fixed the login issue. I had goofed on the upgrade.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – how do you feel the full ext hang cleans are doing for you? You getting faster racing the bar down, feeling more solid in the rack and FS? Are you planning to work along the lines of the progression in Gary’s article? Curious minds want to know LOL. I think you have the power to do some serious weight once you get your full squat clean working right. I’m trying to keep track of those people who learn the clean with this progression – so far I’ve found it a good way for me to teach it to people – I’m interested in your thoughts doing it on your own without someone watching you. I have a whole new group of throwers this year to teach and this is what I want to use to teach them to clean. Appreciate your thoughts on how it works for you as you go along.

  2. Mike said,

    I think the full extension cleans are very valuable. A little frustrating but very valuable. I need to spend some more time looking over form and making sure I am doing things right, I wish I could video tape myself to see what exactly I am doing. I can feel a big difference every great once in a while.
    Sometimes when I do the full extension clean I can tell I’m kinda hip checking the bar a bit to get a little more time to get low on it. Other times, I really feel like I beat the bar, I can feel it spin in my hands as I drop. Those feel right. Right now, I get that feeling one time in 20 maybe, which is more often than I got it before but 18 or 19 times in 20 less than I would like.
    In this last session I tried to make sure I had my back hollowed and my shoulders high before I dropped. If nothing else, I’m getting a lot of calf raises in :). I think it has already improved my clean potential. I have resisted thus far, the desire to start playing with the full clean, I want to work down through the movement as described by you. I intended to do high hang and low hang cleans last night but my shoulders were really bugging me so I thought I would save it for later.
    I think this progression is a good way to teach the techniques but it’s gonna also be the most frustrating way to start out. That’s typical of learning things correctly. Doing hours of full extension cleans before moving on to high hang then low then full is a bit like painting Mr. Miage’s fence, waxing his car, painting his house before he finally teaches you how to throw a punch. Boring, frustrating but a very strong foundation. A lot of people will want to do what I did initially, just try to pick up the bar. Fortunately I didn’t do it long enough to develop bad habits. You may find high school students, especially throwers, don’t see the value and aren’t interested in the time commitment to do all the partials.
    I haven’t yet watched all the videos you gave me but there was the French one with the thrower. That is a great video, I would think if you worked in some of those other exercises with the hang implementation you could keep those kids attention, and get a killer workout in on each of them.
    I think having a coach present makes a huge difference no matter how you choose to do it. Having the instant feedback is great. If yo have to materials to video tape them and show them how they do and how someone else ( an olympian, you, Doc, Roger LaPonte) does it, could be really helpful. No matter how strong of a body awareness you have, seeing them side by side can be revealing.
    If you have any more specific questions, let me know. I’m happy to provide feedback, especially since it’s your progression I am using.

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