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Tools and Toys on the web

Posted in Toys and tools by Mike on January 19, 2007

To sites I want to update you with:
First, Straight to the bar now has a wiki. If the term wiki is a weird one for you, think of wikipedia. It’s an online encylopedia. It is edited and contributed to by it’s users. That means that if you want to add an entry on Protein Shakes, you add it. If I don’t like your entry then I change it, from there we work it out. So please consider adding the the Straight to the Bar strength and conditioning wiki. It only works if people contribute and make it work.

Second, Jonathon McMillan of the Farmstrength Round Table offered a site that allows you to use a google maps like interface and map out a walked, jogged or biked route. He also came up with a new implementation of the idea. If you walk regularly, chart a different trip using the distance you walk each time. see how lon it takes to walk across the country or the pacific ocean for that matter.

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