Anvil or Hammer

Yoga Bear

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on January 16, 2007

My quads are barkin’ today. I don’t think it’s the 20 rep squat. I think it’s the 100 or so front squats I did yesterday. Low weight, low frequency, high volume.

Attempted yoga tonight. I seem to recall that I didn’t like doing yoga when I was sore before. I also don’t recall particularly liking to do it in the evening. I think I’m gonna need to find something else for evenings. Maybe I can squeeze in some morning yoga on Sundays, we’ll see, I do like to sleep past 5 at least one day a week.

I recall thinking about finding something other than yoga last time I was doing it too. Tonight I was thinking about joint mobility, something to really get in the hips and shoulders, although in truth my wrists and ankles probably need it just as bad or worse. Is there a DVD or book out there for that or do I just need to finally invest in a Physical therapist?