Anvil or Hammer

Race against gravity

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 15, 2007

I ended up not getting anything done yesterday.

I had to work today for a special project.

Fortunately for me, the gym was open today. I broke out my “new” oly shoes and took them for a ride. I’m trying to learn to squat clean. I used some tips written up by Chris Rice as my guide.

Front Squat, 60k. A few. Sitting nice and low. I still tend to lean too far over

Full Extenion Clean, 40k and 60k. I start in the highest position of the clean, on the toes, shoulders shrugged and try to get under the bar before it hits the ground, the race a against gravity. It took a while to get any of these caught. I found that with 40k it was just too easy to cheat. I used 60k to try and avoid the little wrist flip I was doing. I think even a 60K I was slipping a little hitch in there to make it so I could get low in time. I did this for about an hour, call it 50 – 100 reps.

High Hang Clean (bar above the knees), 80K. These were pretty easy at first even though I was starting to feel it a bit. I was gonna do them for half hour but at 20 minutes I was suddenly missing them for no reason and it was clear to me that I had done enough and my nerves were shot. Call it 10 – 20 reps

Squat, oly style, 100K. 20 reps. took my time but didn’t set it down.