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The Plan Stan

Posted in Rant by Mike on January 14, 2007

I haven’t gotten around to posting the plan for right now.

Sunday: off
Monday: oly lifting, there is a lot I don’t know about what I need to be doing here, you can learn along with me. There will also be some cardio here
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: Super Max, I am going to experiment with doing some supermax for a while, I will be working the Squat and Overhead press here
Thursday: rest
Friday: Climb, cardio
Saturday: Strongman

Also, I am returning to my prevacation habit of a daily walk too.

anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Now that sounds like a real plan that you can live with – and make progress with and not drive yourself crazy – I really like it! I might suggest you squat in your Olympic lifting shoes for a while to get used to the changes they will make in the way you squat. Then go to whatever shoe you like after you adjust – I just think it will make the Olympic stuff easier to adjust to if you don’t have two different styles going on at the same time.

  2. Mike said,

    Probably a very good point on the squats, I hadn’t really thought about that quite yet. I’ve played with the shoes a bit, they’re pretty comfy, we’ll see how they workout for me.

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