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Hit the wall

Posted in Climbing by Mike on January 12, 2007

A quick check of my blog tells me that my last workout in the climbing category was November 20. In other words, i probably haven’t climbed in almost two months. boy could I tell. I have to admit, I took some of the time intentionally, I was frustrated with trying to divide my time between everything. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Showed up and jumped into the mix with three other, much better, climbers. I attempted a 5.6 (I was told it was a hard 5.6 and I would agree), 5.5, 5.4. I didn’t complete a single one cleanly. My forearms pumped early and often. I wasn’t standing nearly as strong or tall as i know I need. Last, my footwork was nonexistant.

Ah well, no where to go but up (pun intended).

I was gonna jump rope for cardio but the room I planned to do it in was carpeted in my absence. I decided I had enough cardio for the day.

Tomorrow, strongman.

Last day off

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on January 12, 2007

yesterday was my last day off. Today I head to the climbing gym and tomorrow, strongman. It’ll be good to get back at it. It makes the reading here more interesting too.

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