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100 X 40

Posted in Rant by Mike on December 28, 2006

This is a list I am working on of 100 goals/feats/milestones. It is loosely based on the infamous 60/60 of Chris Rice. He’s got 60+ goals he has set for himself to achieve by the time he reachs 60, and appears to be well on his way. This list is more of just a list of potenianl goals. I set 40 as the guideline for when I want them achieved. This list is more for my reference and will be added to over time. It may even change in structure. The only rule I will make about it is that I can’t take away from it. If I don’t make a goal, then I don’t make it. It sits on the list as a lesson. I probably won’t employ Chris’s selection method either, a dart board. For me, and my early stage in the game, it’s more of a progression. You can also see, I’m not done yet. I’m still trying to come up with the last 30 or so goals. That’s ok by me too. Feel free to browse, comment even offer a suggestion to add to it.

  1. Develop 100 goals
  2. Squat 700
  3. Squat 2.5 X bodweight
  4. Deadlift 700
  5. Deadlift 2.5 X bodyweight
  6. Clean and Jerk 250
  7. Clean and Jerk 1.5 X Bodyweight
  8. Standing Press 250
  9. Standing Press Bodyweight
  10. Snatch 200
  11. Snatch 75% bodyweight
  12. Overhead Squat 200
  13. Overhead Squat 75% Bodyweight
  14. Press the Beast
  15. Pistol the Beast
  16. Pull up the Beast
  17. Snatch the Beast
  18. The Beast Challenge
  19. SS Kettlebell Challenge
  20. 10K Sledge Lever
  21. Lift the Blob
  22. Tear a phonebook
  23. Tear a deck of cards
  24. 250 KB snatches in 10 minutes
  25. pistol
  26. one arm pullup
  27. one arm push up
  28. 100 pushups consecutively
  29. 2 10lb sledge hammer deadlift (one hand)
  30. Bend a horseshoe
  31. roll a frying pan
  32. One arm barbell snatch 100K
  33. 2″Dumbell snatch 100K
  34. One arm babell deadlift 300lbs
  35. Double overhand deadlift 600lbs
  36. 2″ barbell deadlift 600lbs
  37. 2″ barbell double overhand deadlift 400lbs
  38. 2″ dumbell deadlift 250lbs
  39. 3″ dumbell deadlift 100lbs
  40. run 6 minute mile
  41. run 10 K under 45 minutes
  42. bike 100 miles in one day
  43. Bend the Red
  44. Bend the Bastard
  45. Pinch Deadlift 5 tens
  46. Pinch Deadlift 3 twenty – fives
  47. Pinch Deadlift 2 forty – fives
  48. Lift a bodyweight stone to my back
  49. Place a 300lb stone on a platform belly height or higher
  50. Lap a stone >= 350lbs
  51. Squat Lock out 1000lbs
  52. Hand and thigh lift 1200
  53. Deadlift Lock Out 1000lbs
  54. Powerlifting total of 1500 lbs
  55. Olympic total of 2.5X Bodyweight
  56. Farmer deadlift 800lbs
  57. Farmer Walk 50′ 600lbs
  58. Yoke Walk 50′ 900lbs
  59. Sandbag deadlift 400lbs
  60. Sandbag Clean 350
  61. Sandbag Clean and Press 300lbs
  62. Front Carry 50′ 600lbs
  63. Front Squat 500lbs
  64. Towel pull up
  65. Rafter Pull up
  66. Steinborn lift 315
  67. 2″ Dumbell Clean and Jerk 150lbs

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Awesome! What is #62 – the front carry? Something like a Conan Wheel maybe? I love it, there are some serious goals on there, very serious! Working on and checking things off really provides me with a sense of progress. And the dartboard has pretty much gone now – I’ll just be out in the gym now and have a good night on a particular lift – so I’ll go for one of the goals – sometimes I make it and sometimes not. Might I suggest a climbing goal of some kind – a particular route somewhere or a summit etc.

    When I made my list and posted it – I had a lot of the “NO WAY” stuff thrown at me but as time went on, and I started checking things off, I’ve had a tremendous amount of encouragement from friends and strangers on the boards. Do not let anyone tell you this one or that one isn’t going to happen, that’s it’s just too hard. There will no doubt be some that are much much harder than others but you need those as well as the “easy” ones. The easier ones help keep you going and the tough ones make you work, and work, and…….. I look forward to watching this develop over time. I might also suggest a few goals on things like the Concept II and not quite so strength related things, just to shake things up now and then.

  2. Mike said,


    I’m glad you like it. I tried to make some of the goals more doable than others and I tried to make some of them a bit more of reaching for the stars. 10 years is a long time. I’ve not even trained ten years yet. I feel like I have done things I would have never thought possible so I wonder where I will be at that time, assuming a lot of things.
    You are absolutely right about non lifting goals. That’s pretty will be most of that last 30 or so goals. Since I do so little of those things, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to put there. I’ve done so little on the Concept II that I’m not ready to put anything there. I would hope to achieve three different goals: a sprint, an endurance and an in between. I’d like to add a couple more running and biking goals for speed. Depending on other stuff, I may eventually add a swimming goal or two. I will definitely add a couple climbing goals but I have no idea what yet. Maybe a high and long jump type goals. Who knows.
    Oh, and your question on the front carry, yeah that is very much like the Conan’s Wheel. It’s how Luke trains for Conans Wheel and it is harder than the wheel in my opinion. Imagine a front squat only you walk with it and he uses his yoke instead of a Conan’s Wheel.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    600# in a front squat sort of carry for 50′ – that’s interesting I’d say. Man – I’m glad that one not on my list – I’m going to leave that to you strongman types!

  4. Kris said,

    Whoa! I’m out of breath after reading that list. Can’t wait to see them fall one by one even if it doesn’t happen overnight. The great thing about that many goals is that a) you are more liable to nail something which keeps motivation up and b) you have the flexibility to go after the things that best suits your current situation.

    You can do it!!! 😀

  5. Mike said,

    When I look at the list, I alternate between: “No one can do all that” and “Its not nearly challenging enough”. That’s usually a good sign that I am right on. Ten years is a long time. A lot can happen. If I manage to pull this off, that long, it will be really weird to look at posts like now to see where I have come from.

  6. Chris Rice said,

    When I look at the list, I alternate between: “No one can do all that” and “Its not nearly challenging enough”.

    You’ll find the continuing challenge and the effort involved becomes as important as actually checking things off the list. But checking them off is pretty fun too………….

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