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2007 Goals

Posted in Rant by Mike on December 26, 2006

Well, the hunt for goals has begun. I have seen it on other sites, so I too am beginning to think about them. As they develop, I will place them here.

  1. Bodyweight 235 – I’ve agonized many hours over this one. I was running about 255 most of this fall but since Thanksgiving, it has really gotten away from me, I’m back up in the mid 260’s.
  2. 2X bodyweight deadlift – I’m not there right now. The goal was originally designed that I wanted to add 20 or so pounds to my pull to get there. Now it’s more of an issue of maintaining mydeadlift so that it stays high enough, hoefully around 500, that I can claim a 2X bodyweight pull.

Targets of opportunity – these are things I had originally come up with but I think conflict to some degree with my primary goal on the year. So they are points of interest but I’m not going to hold myself real accountable for them.

  1. 2X Bodyweight squat – this means that even with making I weight loss goal, I would have to tack on 20 or so lbs to my max squat.
  2. Bodyweight Clean and Press – Even with the lost weight I would need an extra 15 lbs on my personal best.
  3. Bodyweight Sandbag Clean and Jerk – So far 200 is my max. I’m hoping to begin playing with a 250 lb bag this spring. Even with my weight loss goals, I think this is the most doable of these three.


The Basic Scheme
Goals are nothing without a plan to achieve them. The basic plan on the primary goal of the year is more cardio. I don’t think it will be reasonable for me to cardio daily but I’m gonna try to do what I can. I’ll include running as before. I’m bring the kettlebells out again. I’m serious considering a Concept II rower. I’ve been thinking about one for a while but they are not cheap and I have some other expensive needs coming up. I’m also gonna try to get more jumping of rope in the mix for that short blast of cardio. I’m also going to go back to controlling my diet better. That has been the biggest factor in my recent gain. I plan to try and be more strict. Less allowing myself to go by some piece of junk just because I’m a little hungry. I also need to reduce my caffiene intake because I take in a lot of calories with my caffiene.
The pulls should take care of themselves. As long as I pull occasionallhy in the gym, it shouldn’t go too far. The Squats will take more. When I go on my sandbag training run, I’m going to need to keep myself in the gym once a week or some just to squat. I believe I ca do the clean and press. It will mostly be a matter of spending time with the clean. If I’m not improving by summer, I may pay for some coachings. I believe I can do the sandbag just by spending time with it.
Some of this runs contrary to different thoughts I have had throughout the year. Some of it goes against guidance I have recieved from good and intelligent people. None of it is meant as an insult. I feel like the first goal is the most important. I’ve wished and waffled and wavered on it but it keeps coming back to me. In the grand scheme of things, squatting 500 or a sandbag pull of 300 means very little if I’m not healthy. I feel like my weight is absolutely above any kind of healthy standard. So that is why it goes number one. The others are less of an issue, just a part of the natural progression of things.

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  1. Scott said,

    The primary goals sound good. The only thing I’d suggest is to try not to do everything at once. Btw, a 200 sandbag C+J is very impressive. Nice one.

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Scott.
    I’m going to do my best to break my goal down to different parts of the year. I’ll try to write up a post that details the plan a little better later. The short version is that I get bored easily and have to change what I am doing every month or two. I’m going to work on the olympic stuff in January and some of february. I should nail some of the squats in there. After that, I haven’t yet made my plan but there will be a sandbag cycle or two. I will try to find ways to make cardio a bigger part of my year this year.
    More later though.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – I would agree with you that the weight loss goal is by far the most important. Being big certainly helps with strength but strength to bodyweight ratio may be more important when it comes to “life” and health. The Olympic lifts have some other good points to them I think. Learning the movements is a lesson in coordination and movement skills – which can carry over to other movement oriented skills – not just the clean/snatch movement itself but the ability to develop new “engrams” can help in your climbing and anything else you choose to do. Also working your explosiveness thru the Oly lifts and maybe some jumps won’t hurt anything. Being able to recruit more fibers quicker is always a good thing. Let’s face it at 500# squat and DL, you’re not exactly weak, being able to move just your body more smoothly and quickly in all the right directions might have greater value to you than 15# more on your pull. You don’t seemingly express interest in competative PL – where would you like to be in 5 years etc down the road in regards to not only the big strength goals but body weight movement goals? Just rambling at this point I guess but you seem to be prioritizing all your strengths and few of your weaknesses.

  4. Mike said,


    You always ask the hard questions.
    I haven’t come to the gospel of Oly lifting quite yet. Everyone who does it loves it. No denying that. I’m doing my best this go around to give it a fair shake. Besides, if I use no other olympic move, the power clean should be someone everyone can do on a basic level (which brings up a difficult discussion of power vs squat clean that I need to have with you sometime).I agree with your assessment that adding another 15lbs to my deadlift isn’t super important right now. I don’t have a huge interest in powerlifting. That said, it would be nice to hit that 1500 lb total someday.
    I agree with your sentiment that moving 1500lbs or so mean nothing if you can’t move it where you want to move it. I’m trying to bring in different lifts and techniques to encourage different planes of movement and different kinds of strength.
    To answer your hardest question, where do I want to be in five years? I haven’t the slightest clue but it’s not for lack of thinking. I guess, I don’t have any real goals with this thing. I primarily do the workout thing because I like to and it seems to help me, mentally. I’ve thought plenty about what I want to do, would I be more satisfied if I picked a lift or two, should I walk away from lifting all together? In the end I keep coming back to the fact that I like lifting and I just keep doing it.
    Lifewise, where do I want to go with it in 5 years. I don’t care. When I think about five years from now, I think about college and work and so on, lifting is just in there as something I do. In the longer run, I want to be able to the stuff around the house without it laying me up for three days, like I see from a lot of middle aged guys. I want be able to keep up with the kids and hopefully run them into the ground. That’s really where I’m going with the whole training thing.
    To prioritize my weaknesses is a good point, I don’t do it. Well, then again it would all but require that I stop lifting. Prioritizing my weaknesses would means working speed and endurance and maybe flexibilty. Not bad things but not things that I am willing to totally give up lifting for. I’ve considered trying to find a rugby team or something just to give myself an excuse to get out and do it, or martial arts again but right now, team sports and regular classes are not a great idea.
    This is kind of a point you have made before and I thought I ahd absorbed where you were going with it but now, I’m thinking I missed the point. I suspect you have an ember of an idea in there. Something you think I should be working at. What are you thinking Chris?
    I enjoy the blog for plotting my progress but I share it with two hopes in mind, that one day it will be instructional and that people like you and the others who frequent here can see my plans pretty openly and share your thoughts. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. I’m interested. You have done this for a long time and know an awful lot. I think it would do us all some good.

  5. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – I know you think it’s the Oly lifting I’m pushing but that’s not it, or at least not all of it. It’s the learning to move in new ways that the Olympic lifts involve especially in the beginning that is important. As we age, developing any new engrams takes a long, long time. Kids can learn complicated movements in minutes that take us seemingly forever. Learning the full squat snatch in my middle fifties was quite a challenge but turned out to have tremendous benefits overall for me. Just teaching myself such an involved pattern and overcoming the effects of other training issues such as shoulder, ankle, etc flexibility (or lack thereof) left over from other facets of my life has reaped real world benefits in areas I never dreamed of.
    What am I thinking – I’m not sure how to say it just yet – but you’re right I would like to tell people of my mistakes over the years and what I think might be a better plan if you want to still be doing all this when you’re older. I’ll work a bit on it – maybe it will make sense but maybe not – we’ll see.

  6. Mike said,


    I wasn’t trying to discount your whole post on account of the Oly thing. You know me, always the skeptic.
    I was thinking you were driving at something more though. I’m gonna give the Oly thing a legit shot. I’m going to try and test my vertical and standing leap. I’m gonna test myself sprinting and running, then I’m gonna try it for two months and test myself again. We’ll see how that comes out.
    I was thinking you were driving at doing some totally other type of training that I am totally overlooking.
    The next year will be made up of a balance of Sandbag, Oly, Power, Strongman with some other elements thrown in (kettlebells and super max come to mind). All while focusing more on losing weight than gaining on my lifts. At least that is the idea.

  7. Kris said,

    A quick chime in here. I agree 115.75% on bodyweight being the most important challenge to tackle having myself just made the commitment to getting my bodyfat permanently down below 18% (now at 21%, down from 24%). I’m no fan of cardio and feel it can really cut into your lifting if done too intensely (I shudder at running, but can warmly recommend Nordic walking, which, like skiing, gets your heart rate up without overly taxing any single muscle group by distributing the load, plus it is low-impact; frankly, I wouldn’t even consider running at 260 pounds). Then again, cardio is one of those things that I think becomes more and more important as we age; for now, I am content with plenty of walking and swimming once a week.

    As for the diet, I can whole-heartedly recommend 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs approach. Been following that (sans the “get all your carbs from vegetables”) after I quit my fat loss phase to concentrate on the upcoming virtual meet. I seem to be continuing to loose fat at a slow but sure rate. If this keeps up, I might not even have to do another diet stint in the spring as planned. I’m looking at this as a permanent diet change which will hopefully keep my weight in check while making sure I get the health benefits associated with a fiber-rich diet and 1+ lbs of vegetables a day.

  8. Mike said,

    Ah, Nordic Walk, I have heard it called Trekking here. I haven’t given it a fair shake. Typically, if I want to add something to a walk, I like to throw some weight in a framepack but I have heard very good things about Nordic walking. I’ll do some more reading. It’s interesting to hear you say running is not a good idea for a guy my size. On one hand I totally see where you are coming from, lots of weight landing on each leg hundreds of times, that’s damaging. Still, I think I’m gonna keep it around at least a bit. Ay kind of pain would make me lay off. I do like swimming but it’s not proctival right now.
    For dieting, I think if I just shape my diet back up I will lose the first ten or fifteen pounds quickly as that is where I was before I totally let it go. The latter ten or fifteen may require that I take it a little more seriously. I don’t know how seriously. I don’t “diet” in the typical sense (try to lose 10 lbs in some nonsustainable way). I have a post around here, somewhere, that I need to finish and post about it.
    It sounds like you have a pretty good diet there yourself. That’s close to where I hope to end up.

  9. Jakob said,

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