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Holiday Travels Part 1

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on December 24, 2006

I’m stayng with my in-laws for almost a week. It’s quite a while but a nice place to stay. My Brother-in-law (who has been known to read this) is here as well which is always fun. He does a fair bit of training of his own and is always interested in whatever new junk I show up with.

So, after riding in a car for two straight days and attempting to workout in a hotel gym that is junk (I wishthey would realize that a good rack of dumbells costs the same as one of those broken Total Gyms they buy). I finally got a bit in yesterday. We walked 2 miles, I played on the onkey bars a bit, cause I’m a child at heart. I was surprised by how difficult it was to swing across the bars. Did some pull ups. We came home and I got out the kettlebells. These seem to always go over well with the families. I did a lot of windmills witht he 24K, I’m getting pretty good at these. I also worked in the 2 hand anyhow. It was a basic covering of all the stuff Icould think of to do. My wife got my Mother-in-law swinging one of the light ones. I did a little juggling of the 24K and some snatches, of which Iplan to do more in just a bit. We also broke out the block weight to play. I’ve got that 35 pound weight pretty much down. I need to consider a 37.5 because that 40 is just beating me.

Beyond that, it’s the usual holiday stuff. Lots of good food. Being in Americas heartland I am eating good farm food. Carbs, PRotein, Fat in every meal. It’s the food I was raised on and I love it. I also caught the entire season of Worlds Strongest Man last night. I felt bad, I really wasn’t trying to make everyone watch it but they all wanted to see Phil win. It was pretty exciting. I think I have used up my TV credit for the stay though.

Anyway, off to do more kettlebell and more holiday stuff. Best wishes and happy holidays to you all.

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