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Another ‘nother way to log

Posted in Toys and tools by Mike on December 21, 2006

I kinda liked the post I did a while ago about another way to log so I thought I would do another. Today I’m thinking back to when I first started back to lifting and I found a website called (surprisingly, it’s still there and hasn’t changed). It doesn’t really suit what I do these days but it has a lot of potential. This website appears to be designed for bodybuilders by bodybuilders but whoever is responsible left some flexibility in it.

The bare bones, basics of it is that you build a program made of of trainig days or splits. Then within the split you build your standard list of exercises. They have a fairly extensive list of bodybuilder exercises to draw on but they also leave room for you to add your own (Steinborn lift, farmers carry, bottom position squats, kettlebells).

When you get ready to go to the gym for the day, you can just print off a quick little sheet that is preloaded with your workout for the day as you built it in your program. When you get home, enter your numbers back in and save. You can look back at your past workouts easily enough. Select the month and year and it will show you a month-at-a-glance view with the days color coded based on which workout you did that day.

This Website has some pretty good features for tracking body composition goals too. You have a vital statistics page that helps in calculating your BMI and max heart rate. They have a seven cicuferance measurement that is also trackable. That leads to one of the greatest strengths of the site, reportability. The whole site is built around the idea that you may want to track trends and even print a chart of your progress.

Example: These are screenshots taken from my account dating back to September of 2004, don’t laugh too hard.

  • Home – This is how a users homepage looks, the calendar is a convient reference to what you have done so far this month. It is clickable to see how your numbers worked out.
  • Exercises – The site does have a decent repository of exercises, 80 at a glance.
  • Measurements – I did kinda like the 7 point mesasurement as a determinatin of progress, it seems comprehensive.
  • Graphing – this is of my bodyweight over the time I used this site but you can do the same with your exercises.
  • Schedule – Being based on a Weider Split makes this website geared toward bodyduilders but it’s got room for growth