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Chinese fortune

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on December 20, 2006

A little kettleball action tonight
24K KB
10 snatches (5 per hand) per minute for 20 minutes. Back was sore, hands were hurting, I still haven’t grown my calluses back. I’m hoping to get a decent amount of Kettlebell done during the trip.

Since we leave tomorrow morning, we didn’t feel like doing dishes so we got chinese. Fortune cookies are silly but I really liked mine.

“It takes a lot of time to achieve instant success.”

also, wanted to point your attention to my mathematical correction to my last deadlift. I’m pretty sure that is correct now.

Also, I have prewritten a couple posts that will be released while I am away, something for you all to tear apart. They are kind of articles, kind of opinions, kind of just thoughts. Feel free to comment, correct or argue. I’ll be checking back.

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little pulling **Correction/Retraction**

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on December 20, 2006

I made it to Dumbarton today, I started out real solid but quickly came apart. I got to see Dan and do some cleans toward the end so it was a good way to end the workout. Overall, it’s probably good that I’m about to take a break.

90K (198 lbs) X 3 Double Overhand
140K (308 lbs) X 3 DO(double overhand PR)
190K (418 lbs) X 2 DO with chalk
250K (551 lbs) X 1 mixed
253K (557 lbs) X 1 mixed oops, I wasn’t really shooting for a PR here. I didn’t check mu numbers and was just loading up the bar. I’ve recounted half a dozen times and it keep scoming out the same: bar (20K), 6 reds (25K), 2 blues (20K), 2 greens (10K), 1 1/2 K. I atually took a shoot at 270K and just barely broke it off the ground. If I had pulled that, that would hae just been wrong.
No wonder I was hurting after all this
I got to thinking about this last pull again today, the number just seemed wrong, totally wrong. I reran the math in my head and kept coming up with a number more like I expected. The actual PR 512lbs. That seems way more accurate. I think I was counting the bar twice.

Overhead press
5 X 5 70K (154lbs)

dips, my arms hurt I only got a couple individual reps.

worked some cleans with Dan, worked on hook grip. Not a fan but it seems to give me a more straight up and down bar path.

I had orignially planned on squats on Wednesday but I’m thinking about kettlebells instead. We’ll see.

I’m off of vacation starting Thursday but wil come up with a few posts while I’m away. I hope eveyone has great holidays.