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No hand spot

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on December 15, 2006

Dumbarton today, first time back in a while, got a little silly.

Squat – I played around with these more than I usually would. I was working the flat footed power squat, more of a power squat than usual, low bar, legs out further alternated with an “olympic-type” squat. I won’t call it an olympic squat because I might offend the olymipc lifters out there. First off, I’m in Chuck Taylors with 25lb plates under my heals, second, my for sucks.
135 X 2 O
135 X 2 P
225 X 2 O
225 X 2 P
315 X 2 O
315 X 2 P
Decided it was time to get to the business at hand
405 X 2 P
455 X 1 P – No Hands Spot
I have no idea why I decided to do this, I just did. I really shouldn’t have. For whatever reason I went about it without questioning. I find that my own mind can get in the way of my lifts, a lot, especially the squat. Back at 315 someone told me to let them know when I needed a spot. When it comes to squatting in a power rack, I prefer to not have a spotter. They’re really only going to get one of us hurt.
Well, apparently I was being watched. I loaded up the bar and decended. If felt pretty good and I started to push up. It was doable but it was a grind. As thoughts of quitting entered my mind the gym erupted (5 guys, minor eruption but it did it) and then I knew I had to finish it. I pushed and pushed and pushed. Each time the bar pushed back they seemed to hollar louder. Eventually, I made it. When I got done, I turned around and said, “Thanks guys that helped”. A couple chuckled and one hollared out, “That’s a no hands spot”. So thanks to those guys for a no hands spot.
315 3 X 3 O – yup went back for a little more to cool down

Straight leg deadlift – usually I put these on the other end of the workout but I decided not to today.
225 X 5
245 4 X 5 – probably not a PR by any means but I was pretty smoked from the squats.

Dumbell Press 95 lbs
3 X 5
1 X 3
1 X 5
pretty tiring but I’m gonna get my 5 X 5 with 95

Pulldowns 180lbs 3 X 3 – such a wuss

I was trying to convince myself to attempt some finger curls. I was unconvinced. Instead I went for the 2″ dumbell deadlift. This got some people’s attention. At first they were teasing me for not cleaning the 100lb dumbell. So I let them try. Then the teasing turned to challenging.
120 lbs left and right PR
I heard a whole lot of whining about small hands from a couple of them. So we compared, one had larger hands than me and one had the same size.
Overall a great time tonight at the guy, one of my more interactive sessions.



A couple people commented on the workout proposition I made in my last post. I will definitely reply, just a little later. Time for dinner.

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