Anvil or Hammer

Bend a bit

Posted in Grip by Mike on December 14, 2006

Some of this acually goes back to Sunday.

I took Scott’s advice and got my Ironmind pads all folded up and put over the ends of some steel. I bent some of the home Depot Stuff 1/4″ of various lengths with easy. The Fat Bastard stuff went down easy. Some of the stuff from Dan and Luke got bent but not easily at all. I barely kinked some 1/4″ hex steel. It’s amazing how hard that stuff feels. It was definitely my wrists that were coming up short here.

I also did some overhead kettlebell squats for movements. I found that the right side was easy, the left side I found my body twisting involuntarily on the way down, very odd.

I will be getting back to Dumbarton tomorrow. I’ll try to get workouts in Monday and Wenesday as well, before the trip. I’ll probably take kettlebells with me again. With any luck I’ll get in some workouts at the gyms in the different towns. My brother-in-law has been known to train with some strong guys but I don’t know if we wil make it to train with them. Also, in omage to Scott Styles, I’ll knock out a DDR workout :-D.

I haven’t been very happy with my return to powerlifting workouts. I miss the sandbags quite a bit but won’t be able to start that again real soon. I do think I’m gonna switch things up when I get back in January. I have a really weird idea I want to try out. Lift two to three times a week. Oly lifts one day, Super max – partial lifts the other. I’ll be trying to get in some strongman workouts as well. Beyond that it’ll be mostly cardio.