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Technical Update: Email update

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on December 13, 2006

As much as I enjoy having everyone come by the site, in an effort to offer you the easiest way to keep up, I have added a link on the left toward that bottom that says Subscribe to Anvi or Hammer by email. I’ve used the service, it seems to be pretty reliable about sending the full article whenever I update. It doesn’t update you on comments as far as I can tell though. Please feel free to take advantage of it.

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  1. Kris said,

    WordPress should be producing a separate comments feed for you. Just burn that with FeedBurner and it should be possible to sign-up for e-mail comments as well. That’s what I am doing over at my blog. If you want to have posts and comments in the same e-mail, you can always aggregate the feeds and then burn them with FeedBurner using something like RSS Mix or Feed Digest. Might be a bit overkill though and still doesn’t solve the issue of having comments neatly stacked up with their parent posts, plus some people might want only posts. Perhaps choice is a good thing.

  2. Mike said,

    Yeah, there is a comment feed in there. I just haven’t done the work yet. Just like the auto discovery feed, it’s not corrected yet either. They’re all on my list but I haven’t made the time lately.
    Your thoughts on feed digest and so on are interesting, I hadn’t thought about that part of it yet. I’ll search fome of the blog blogs (yes blog blogs) out there and see what people are saying.

  3. Kris said,

    Feel free to let me know if you come up with a nice solution. 😀 If I had the time, I would design my own feed by scripting together the comment and post feeds, but alas, there are more urgent business ahead, some of which I hope to have appear on my blog within the next few days. Fingers crossed.

  4. Mike said,

    I’ll look forward to your updates Kris.
    On the feeds, the more I think about it. I think I’m gonna totally leave the comments out of feeds, intentionally. First, it doesn’t seem like there is a good way to marry them, at least not better than within the blog itself and I don’t feel like totally recreating that. I would think and hope that people would feel free to swing by to comment if they felt they had something to add. I may just be looking at it from my own perspective (as that’s how I handle most of the feeds I read) but I’ll go with it and if someone really wants a comment feed, I will provide.

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