Anvil or Hammer

Vacation Plans

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on December 13, 2006

It’s that time of year and I’ve been storing up my vacation time like a good lad. So, I’ll be on the road December 21 through January 7th. I’ll be headed back to the great midwest and will have limited access to the web as well as limited workout opportunities.

Technical Update: Email update

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on December 13, 2006

As much as I enjoy having everyone come by the site, in an effort to offer you the easiest way to keep up, I have added a link on the left toward that bottom that says Subscribe to Anvi or Hammer by email. I’ve used the service, it seems to be pretty reliable about sending the full article whenever I update. It doesn’t update you on comments as far as I can tell though. Please feel free to take advantage of it.