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Cracked 500!

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on December 8, 2006

Deadlift day today
70K x 3
120K X 2
170K X 2 (Double overhand none the less. kinda proud of that)
here i should have gone for  220 or 225, but it seemed silly to not hit 500lbs (227 K as I recall).
230K X 1, fail, fail

so yup, I cracked 500 (507 to be exact). I was only able to do it once though. I’d like to go for twice then I may swap in cleans instead of deadlifts for a while. I cam away from my failed attempts with some kind of back cramp or spasm, so I really wasn’t feeling so hot for the rest of this.

Overhead strict press 60K 5X5
skull crusher 82lbs 5X5
curls 82lbs 5X5
Front squat 60K 5X5

I came home and made a massage appointment for tomorrow. I have some muscle owwies that I want them to take a crack at, including the lower back and that hamstring that I cramped a while back and still can’t get to work right.


I’ll post on some more random type stuff tomorrow or Sunday.