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Couldn’t finish

Posted in Cardio,Technical Update by Mike on December 7, 2006

Last night I went for a jog. My intent was to run slow but to try to make my 2 mile circuit twice with no concern for time, just to do it. I wasn’t able to. My right flank (above the hips on the side more toward the back) seemed to tighten up right away. By the time I hit approximately 1.5 miles, I just couldn’t convince myself to push on. I walked about 50 feet and it mostly cleared up. Then I jogged the rest of the way home, roughly 24 minutes. Not a good time.

 I’ve been playing with the email subscription stuff. I’m not quite done yet. The link on the right works but I’m not sure the text box does.  I’ll update you all as I know more.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Don’t try too hard on the running stuff 🙂

    Seriously, the most effective way I’ve found to increase running distance is to go as slow as possible until I’m tired. We’re talking 5-6 mph here. Then, the next time out (within 2-3 days), do the same thing but maybe a block or two further.

    Big increases in distance or intensity are what cause injury with endurance work. Progress comes much more readily from increased frequency and slight bumps in distance or intensity each time. You’re training the systems in your body in a different way than with weight training. Trying harder just doesn’t work as well.

    What you’ll find is as you get to the point where you can run 3 miles at a slow pace, you can do 1.5 miles at a moderate pace, even though you haven’t been pushing speed at the shorter distance.

    The other thing that can not be over emphasized is the importance of good shoes, especially for a bigger guy. Running can kill the hips, knees, ankles and feet if you don’t take care of them. Good shoes help a ton here. Stability is as important as cushioning for this. You want shoes that allow you to move effortlessly, with a smooth stride.

  2. Mike said,


    Good thoughts. The whole idea of going super slow but going as far as I could, was exactly what I was thinking when I started that run. I think I may have bit off more than I could chew but in the case of last night, I couldn’t even complete my “normal” run.
    That said, you are probably right about the running thing. I’ve never been really good at measuring myself on this. In highschool I had my distances and times dictated to me and got faster as a biproduct. I’d like to figure out a good way to relive that little bit o’magic. I’m thinking, partial based on what you said, that I should run my 2 mile route for a while (Three times, maybe?) then up it by an extra lap around the park (something like a quarter mile).
    I was hoping to be able to mix in some different things besdes that same route I have run all the time but some of that, a lot of that, probably has a lot to do with the way I lift. You make a good point though about cardio and lifting being different beasts. I also thnk some of it is because I walk that exact route almost every single evening.
    On shoes, I love good shoes. I worked as a pharmacy tech when I lived in Greeley and that meant walking 3 – 5 miles with stairs 4 times a week, aside from whatever else I did. I still have a couple pairs of really good shoes (Vasque trail runners) from that, but the time is coming to get new shoes, in fact, I probably am a tad overdue. I am also a firm beliver in good socks, I tend to favor the ultimax socks, I love those.

  3. Scott Styles said,

    I think adding a quarter mile at a time is a great idea. I’m guilty of finding something I like and doing it over and over, so the same path every time doesn’t sound to bad to me. You could always do it backwards.

    I’ve never had nice socks. Always get the cheap ones from Walmart or Target. Maybe I should try a pair.

  4. Mike said,

    oh ho, the nice socks are so totally worth it., especially if you do a lot of walking. I actually bought them becuase I got tired of wearing holes into my cheap socks. The nice socks have lasted incredibly well.

  5. Scott Styles said,

    The shoe store had a sale, and I have 18 pairs of Adidas athletic socks in the wash right now. I hope you’re right!

  6. Mike said,

    18 pairs??!! I hope they’re that good too. I think I only have 10 pair that I rotate in and out. They’ve all lasted quite a bit longer than the cheapo socks so you may be tired of them before you ever wear them out, no matter how good they are.
    wow, let me know what you think of the socks after a while.

  7. Scott Styles said,

    It was buy 2 packs, get one free. 3 packs were $20. But then, for an extra $20, I’d have enough nice socks to last me between laundry sessions. I couldn’t pass that up.

    Wearing them today, pretty comfortable. Kinda nice to have my steps cushioned.

  8. Mike said,

    I hope the socks are working out great for you. Since you don’t have a car, you may really enjoy them. The real test is trying to go back to the old cotton ones after a week or two. See how it feels. I have a whole drawer of cotton ones that I had at the time I settled on the good ones. I haven’t worn any of them in a year but it seems a shame to throw them out, trying to give them away (to a shelter or something) just seems wrong, I mean they’re socks. You wear them on your nasty stinky feet.

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