Anvil or Hammer

Not much

Posted in Grip,Uncategorized by Mike on December 7, 2006

Just playing around, bent a timber tie. Whoever told me it was more about overcoming the pain that anything else (Dan?) was right.  These are pretty easy but they hurt. Gonna have to condition those IronMind pads I got forever ago, then learn how to use them. That’s just a lot of material.
T 3,3
1 3,3
2 0,0
yep that bad. You three closers probably can’t even imagine failing on the 2.

Couldn’t finish

Posted in Cardio,Technical Update by Mike on December 7, 2006

Last night I went for a jog. My intent was to run slow but to try to make my 2 mile circuit twice with no concern for time, just to do it. I wasn’t able to. My right flank (above the hips on the side more toward the back) seemed to tighten up right away. By the time I hit approximately 1.5 miles, I just couldn’t convince myself to push on. I walked about 50 feet and it mostly cleared up. Then I jogged the rest of the way home, roughly 24 minutes. Not a good time.

 I’ve been playing with the email subscription stuff. I’m not quite done yet. The link on the right works but I’m not sure the text box does.  I’ll update you all as I know more.