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the plan

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 2, 2006

The plan: Run 20 minutes away, at 20 minutes a timer goes off and I turn around and go back, realizing that it could take as long as 40 minutes to accomplish this return trip.

The reality: I ran out of sidewalk in the direction I was going after 13 minutes. By the time I made it back to where I could go the other direction, I didn’t have the guts to go an additional 7 minutes the other direction.

probably 2.5 miles, 29 minutes. The map shows it, I ran the red line away and back. I certainly didn’t feel as good going out there as thought I should or as good as last time I ran. It’s ok, it happens. I found myself slacking at at times. Not winded, just tired and going slower than I should. Ah well, better job next time.

my route this time

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