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Can’t think of a title

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on December 1, 2006

This post is coming late, way late. I lifted last evening about 29-30 hours ago.

Warm up – jump rope
rather than do it straight through like last time which left my calves killing me I went with 1 minute jumping, 30 seconds off and repeated unti the jumping time equaled five minutes

70K 3 Double overhand
120K 2 Double Overhand
170K 2 Mixed, I attempted double overhand but just couldn’t quite make it
220K (485 lbs) I got the first one (left over, right under) missed the second (right over, left under) tried a third (left over, right under) and got it. I thiink I’ll go for two of each hand position next time and see if I can get it before moving on.

Pushpress Push Jerk 80K (176 lbs) 5 x 5
The same olympic guy that was bugging me to move my hands in last time and jerk it mroe, hassled me to move my hands out and press it more. He means the best. I think I’m gonna drop the weight a bit so I can pull off the presses.

Pull Overs 122 lbs (55.34K)
As I was doing these, I felt like they weren’t doing anything. Today I noticed my lats were sore from them. This is weird exercise but I kinda like it.

Skull Crushers 82 lbs (37.19K) 5 X 5

Standing curls 82 lbs (37.19K) 5 X 5

Front Squat 70K (154 lbs) 5 X 5
I rally didn’t want to do these. I was tired and didn’t feel it. I skipped them last time as I recall. I did them this time, I even did them “big boy” style, roughly a clean grip, not on the the forearms. The first set or two were difficult but doable. After the third set, I didn’t know if I could keep knocking them out. I gave myself a little rest more rest and went back after it. I managed to make the full 5 of 5.

Today, I got no training. I haven’t figured out what I’m gonna do this weekend. It’s kinda up in the air. My sleep has been totally messed up all week. We found a kitten early this week and she hasn’t let me get a full nights sleep since. Today, I have felt nothing but tired.

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