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Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 26, 2006

Not  a lot to post on the weekend

Saturday jog 2ish miles in 21:45. I started out feeling awesome, the best run feel I have had in a long time. Then, about mile 1 I started to feel it in the calves, it started to get real nasty as I took a lap around the park. I really had to grind it out ot make it home. I think I’m not too far from pulling off a 20 minute trip.

Not much today

Tomorrow, to the gym. This week It’ll be Monday and Wednesday. I may try to squeeze in a jog but that is questionable. I’ve got Gripmas coming this next weekend and I don’t want to give Chris too much of a head start 😛 .

I noticed everyone on gripboard has started working in their goals for next year. So, I started a list for myself. It’s not up anywhere that you all can see yet but soon enough. I’m working on a few other pages.

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