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Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on November 21, 2006

Off to the gym today

Warm up: Jump rope 5 minutes, I managed to get the first 2 minutes and 2 seconds all in one go, a record for me. My calves are still sore. I do it bunny hop style. I know that’s pretty amateur but I seem to trip inthe rope less than when I do it other ways.

120K X 2
170K X 2
215K X 2
220K X 0
215K (478 lbs) was a Pr for me and I should have probably left it alone but I wanted to try 220. Same as when I missed 215 last time, got it off the ground and it hung there.

Pushpress 80K (176lbs)
5 reps
5 reps
3 reps
5 reps – jerk
3 reps – jerk
After the third set, one of the local Olympic lifters had all he could stand of my form. He insisted I stop down standing power cleans and do a proper clean. He got me to dip a bit at least although I think it would be arguable if it was a clean. Then he got frustrated because I was trying to press out the weight rather than just dip and use the momentum. I tried to explain that I wanted to press it out but I think he thought I was crazy or stupid to say something like that.

Pull overs
95 lbs 5 X 5

Skull crushers
77 lbs 5 X 5

Standing curl
77lbs 5 X 5
both of the above two exercises felt light, we’ll see how the muscles feel tomorrow. This is only the second time I have semi seriously done curls in a very long time.

At this point I had front squat and kettlebells on my list but due to a variety of reasons, I dumped them in favor of playing with the bottom start squat.
Bottom squat
225 X 0
135 X 2
185 X 2
225 X 2
275 X 2
315 X 2
365 X 0
I’ve done this exercise before with Luke off the yoke. I have to say that I think it is easier to get set in the yoke but I’m not sure the exercise changes much after that. I think it’s a pretty direct comparison.

I’m not quite sure how the next two days will go. I’m not gonna sweat it either. I’ll lift Friday, other than that, I’m gonna enjoy the holiday.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the entire year.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Train hard – very hard all next week – I want all you young guys worn down a bit for Sat LOL

  2. Mike said,

    LOL, you bet Chris 🙂
    I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to handle that. When I took the entire week of last spring, that was way too long.
    Don’t worry though, I think I can find a way to get a little rest prior. Notice I’m not staying at your place until the night after, no ExLax in the orange juice or anything, kidding 😀

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