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Not much of a climb

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 20, 2006

I made it to the climbing gym yesterday. Unfortunately not much of anyone else had. I ended up goofing around in the bouldering are waiting for someone to show up. I was able to easily solve all the Vintros on sight. I did a coule V1s as well. I think a lot of their stuff is over rated. After a bout an hour, I started to give up and go home. Then people started to show up. So I stayed for another hour climbing. I managed to speed my way through my first route, a 5.6 that I had trouble with in the past (it helped that they fixed the spinner on it).I went on to start a 5.7. It seemed impossible. I dunno if that route was just not suited to me, way too far above my skill level or I was just tired from my bouldering, but I had to get a little push start and even then I couldn’t get 10 feet off the ground. I bailed on this and did a 5.6. I was doing great until the last couple move. The arms just quit. Even cheating I could hardly make it. After that I was done.

Off tonight, Gym tomorrow. I’m looking forward to deadlifts

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