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Light Days

Posted in Grip,Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 18, 2006

I took yesterday off from training, totally off. We went and saw JamesBond instead, good movie, I recommend it.

Today, the usualy walk. I also ran. For my twoish mile route, 21:30. I added a little more after that. I would guesstimate it at 1/2 to 3/4 miles. I finshed the whole thing at about 30 minutes.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on climbing. I’m glad for that, it will have been two weeks since my last climb. I just had trouble fitting it in. I find that incredibly frustrating.

I’ve been playing with grip stuff a tad. I did some easy levers with my 10lb sledge today and bent a timber tie. The levering seems easier than I recall. The bending, not so much. I figure I need to practice it as some bending will almost certainly be involved with Gripmas at Chris’s. Considering I can’t seem to bend 1/4″ steel right now, I think I’ll just have to count that a loss. I’m gonna keep playing with it. It would be nice to at least learn how to get back to blue level but I don’t see that as a realistic possibility.
I am excited for the upcoming Gripmas. I got the time off approval and all that kind of stuff done. I think I have sleeping arrangements made. I look forward to meeting all the farmstrength guys. I have no idea what all lifts Chris is gonna dream up for this. It would be pretty unreasonable of me to expect to place in the top few but I hope I can at least take one event.


Edit, I was playing around with Google Maps and Microsoft Paint and tried to conjure some kind of map of my route. It didn’t end well but here it is anyway:

My Jog route

The red route (the big loop) is my usual route. The blue route (the small loop)is what I added. The Loop out to the left is a path around the local park (the one with the soccer fields where I do sandbags) that doesn’t show up on a map.
You can also look at the orginal or the satellite version of the same.

Maybe someday I’ll be less graphically challenged.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Bending will be included – both long and short – I suck at both so no worries. None of we Ohio boys train it very much. A couple events will play right into your overall body strength – the hand and thigh lift for example – all that strongman training ought to help you out a lot there. It’s not really a competition so much as just a fun day – but it’s hard not to sort of keep score so we will – and the prizes totally suck! LOL

  2. Mike said,

    No worries there Chris, I have a feeling this contest/get together will be more fair than anything else Icould ever compete in. I’m looking forward to it in a major way.

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