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It’s rainin’

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on November 16, 2006

Well it was.

First, last night I jogged 2 miles in 23 minutes 5 seconds.

Today, gym day and it was pouring. Due to a drainage problem. There was about 1/2″ to 1″ of water covering half the floor. I walked in and looked around. Everyone was kinda going about there day and just dealing with it so I decided to do the same.

Jump rope 3 mins to warm up

135 X 3, felt too light to even get me down in position
225 X 3, felt really good, really strong
315 X 3, still feeling great
405 X 1, still feeling good, I’m gonna go up today
425 X 0, Failed. I felt like I had it. I got down and felt strong, started up and just hung 1/2 of the way.
I decided that next time I’m gonna try to rep 405 for some doubled. I really feel like I have the strength to go up, I ahve just forgotten the techniques.

Broom training
20 minuted, I’ll explain in a second

Dumbell Press
80lbs 5 X 5, felt good. Going up next time

Straight leg deadlift
110 Kilos (242.5 lbs) 5 X 5, difficult but strong

Bodyweight 5 X 5, time to start holding some weight here

30lbs 5 X 5, still playing with curls, enjoying being able to do them again

Broomtraining, I got done with my squats and was headed over to do dumbell press when the drain outside the front door unclogged and the water that had poolled disappeared. I joinedone of the other guys in using push brooms trying to push the water out. I actually got a pretty good sweat going. When we got done, then the janitors showed up with shop vacs. We could have used those quite earlier.

I am still kinda protecting my hand a bit. I have a barely open blister where my ring finger calluse was and still is. The calluse under my middle finger was just barely hanging on. I trimmed it up tonight. The skin underneath is tender but not bad, I was just worried about ripping the flap off in a nasty way. So, as I said, I trimmed it up and I think I’ll be able to use it a bit more freely.

In random other new, in reading 99 shades of grey recently, someone there is experimenting with biphasic sleep patterns. It’s a really interesting read.

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